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  1. Great stuff! What was the taking lens? Could not seem to find on the thread
  2. Light of Yucatan was also shot with deep depth of field, which resembles video.
  3. Hi, I am selling this lens, the first version of the elmoscope, very sharp. sample photo is taken on full frame with an 85mm nikon at f4 with no diopter at about 5 ft. Rear mount is 50mm, bluish flares. 400$ U.S. with free shipping via fedex worldwide. Will post this on ebay as soon as it allows me to upload. Have tried the past 2 days and photos do not seem to upload. btw, this is my first try to sell anything internationally
  4. great sample videos! good price too as I saw someone trying to sell just the achromat for 800$!
  5. cannot seem to post my sample photo. any tips how?
  6. Hi, posting this here for now as ebay does not load my photos. Super sharp and rare 25mm f1.8 cine-nikkor, for 450$ with free shipping worldwide. Sample photo is straight jpeg from nikon v2 just resized for web. Minty condition.
  7. Wow! This last set is extremely good! This is my first post and will have a somewhat unknown anamorphic to show at some point. Been a fan of your work Monsieur Farges!
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