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  1. https://petapixel.com/2017/12/30/guy-made-8x10-large-format-video-camera/
  2. * In all vimeo links, there are links to download version 4K in high data rate (64Mbps).
  3. A7S + Atomos Shogun 4k + Canon FDn 85mm 1.8 (wide open) + Only sun (without any fill light) + LAB Color space grading It is only a matter of adjusting the RGBCMY values appropriately for each light source. ...and A7S + Full HD XAVC + Canon FDn 85mm 1.8 (wide open) + Only sun (without any fill light) + LAB Color space grading
  4. Thanks Andrew, No, I did not use diopters, the same projection lens allows you to extend enough for macro shots. I have both versions, that of the 60's (chrome) and the 70's (black)
  5. A7S + Shogun 4K + Leitz Elmaron 150/2.8 70's Projection lens. https://vimeo.com/197502073
  6. I notice that the ground glass makes as a buffer high and low lights, such as expanding the dynamic range, as well as having other image structure, that gives me the feeling more 3D Pop, regardless of the depth of field is most evident .
  7. Hi, Tupp Yes, you can make "Swing / Tilt / Shift" movement, thanks to the OmegaViwe head, but the image circles I use lenses are tight and do not spare much image to play
  8. Second Quick Test ECyclops 20x20 inches "sensor" size digital motion camera. Sony A7S + Shogun Capture Camera1942 Epidiascope Zenith Optical Co. Tessar 616mm f6 (wide open) -4 elements in 3 groups, bakelite lens body-2x 6 tube Kino + 1x 1K FresnelSlightly grading."One-person film crew", with makeup and costumes that assisted the model.
  9. Sony A7S + Black & White post *Download HQ Full HD 30Mbps (70MB file size): mediafire.com/download/97ni6d38kqh8sqa/A7S_Monochrome_Nai_1080p32Mbps.rar
  10. *Download HQ Full HD 18Mbps (30MB size): http://www.mediafire.com/download/2nv0cbt6b2bbzrb/A7S_Monochrome_GEzcurra_18Mbps.rar Stils: https://500px.com/gonzaloezcurraecyclopsminicyclops
  11. Stills https://500px.com/gonzaloezcurraecyclopsminicyclops
  12. B&W made in post from A7S color footage. *Download HQ Full HD 18Mbps (30MB size): http://www.mediafire.com/download/2nv0cbt6b2bbzrb/A7S_Monochrome_GEzcurra_18Mbps.rar
  13. Hi HiFF: Thanks! The camera setting Starting of PP5 with Gamma Cine1 and from there, trial and error with all options... depends on the type of light used (daylight or tungsten)... The profiles that come from the factory with the camera are useless ... the image turns to yellow and green... especially Color "Cinema". I do not give prescriptions or formula, it is a matter of visual taste, and depends on the light ... Hi Inazuma: Basics post & color grading in After FX: ±3% White Balance / Hue and a bit of saturation.
  14. Sony A7S + Gonzalo Ezcurra Custom Picture Profile + 60's Canon FL Lens + Tamron Macro + 2 MiniCyclops takes. Quick & unbusinesslike test - basic lighting interiors & w/o in outdoors - Full Frame mode - XAVC-S - without Slog 2 - N/R off Basics post & color grading Models with self makeup / hair / costume / "art" Zero crew production: Only Camera operator & Models. Produced, photographed, directed and post-produce: Gonzalo Ezcurra * Download at Full HD h.264 @ 18Mbps / Link para bajarlo con calidad en Full HD h.264 a 18Mbps, pues mi vimeo gratuito solo tira 720p y lo recomprime a menos de 4Mbps: mediafire.com/download/5ssckrhvmrwsr1a/Gonzalo_Ezcurra_PP_A7S.rar
  15. "Making of" MiniCyclops - First Outdoors Test (14x14 inches "sensor" size Motion Camera)
  16. New street pedestal to MiniCylops: '' target='_blank'>> '' target='_blank'>> '' target='_blank'>> '' target='_blank'>>
  17. Exactly! it's really terrifying the critical focus. Seen from that point and geometric standpoint, it is. But photometrically keeping the F/Stop...
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