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  1. You have a good day too mate, but apart from your memory you offer no provenance at all as well. We dumb fuckers in oz probably would have taken our iphones out of the crack of our arse and filmed it ...this so reminds me Ed David's pathetic effort a few years ago at B&hH spelling the end of BMD and a camera that was falling apart on the shelf when he walked in. Sadly Ed left his camera phone home that day and could't provide provenance, nor could the 100 workers he claimed were working like slaves at B&H. So sad that no workers at B&h had had phones with cameras, they must have been slaves.
  2. Wow, how deep have you gone . Once again is there any proof of of purchase. Let the man speak up for himself, and forget about what Your Emperor said about buying a camera that was or wasn't purchased because he cracked the shits with John Brawley and Grant Petty for not getting inviting him to a part months ago.
  3. Here is a thought..if this was argued in the court of litigation, what would be the first thing prosecution would ask.
  4. You don't need to re-edit anything for me mate, it was was a question and not comment.
  5. Simply asking for proof of purchase..oh sigh, you can't provide any thing as well.
  6. Provenance is always proof where I come from.
  7. So I'm guessing that you can't provide provenance of your purchase, or return of said camera. Hope you can, otherwise I think this whole thread, as we we say in Oz, is bullshit. I'm not a Blackmagic fan as such, but a Grant Petty fan as he's bought production back to OZ at Bertie Street Port Melbourne.
  8. Here in Melbourne all high end production of drama and sport shut down about two months ago, every freelancer I know except news crews, are out of work. Some of the major sports bodies in Oz such as AFL and NRL have shown that they pissed against the wall the rivers of gold that the networks had been paying them for the television rights over the last 10-15 years, and only today Network 9 lashed out at the NRL for being fools with the money they mismanaged as some teams won’t survive the year. When things get back to normal, or what we once knew as normal, there is no way known that sport will receive the money it once commanded when they re-negotiate with networks or pay television. I think quality television/film drama and similar productions will start again where they left off. I’m semi-retired at the age of 65 and slightly insulated, but like a lot of my fellow freelancers I’m taking the time to service my equipment, organise my last 10 years of bits and pieces I’ve collected and throw out what I don’t need, and learn new software such as Davinci Resolve. I and most of my freelance/ part time/ casual colleagues I’ve worked with over the journey have experienced the “Turn up Monday Morning” to be told that nothing’s happening for a month or two because the network or production company liquidated last night, or the production you were working on got canned. So I guess nothings really changed for me for the remainder of the year as I always invoiced accordingly to my ability in the past, but I predict only 50% of freelancers will survive the rest of the year in Melbourne…just sayin’ Cheers.
  9. Considering you're stuck at home and using the wife and daughter as crew and actor, it goes to show what creative people can do. Well done .
  10. Andrew, Is there any chance you can produce a purchase receipt , and or documentation of sending it back.
  11. Well if you ever worked on drama, sport or such, it's when left to right, becomes right to left for the punter watching at home. Don't fret because some of the best actors I've worked with didn't know what we were on about until they were well into their careers. So many times a stagehand would say "line cross" and we'd have to do another take because of continuity. Thank god for switched on stagies.
  12. Web the last time I heard of Hook on this site was when Emanuel accused Grant Petty of "using a kindergarten to get staff from" Do you actually know Grant Petty and his philosophy towards the industry he's turned upside down?...probably not. Grant couldn't give two hoots about you or Emanuel Whoezbuts or this site. If he knows 50 times more than me thats cool, because I've spent 35 years doing the same gig as you with Network TV. Most people on this site don't know what a line cross is? Call me a silly bastard is ok, but I read your previous comments towards BMD and you are very American. Actually I might reach out to JB, Hook, and Grant via Lemac in Melbourne, as I worked with John Bowring a lot in the 80'90's.
  13. He didn't impress you when you had a BMD meltdown a couple of months ago when you werent invited to the party. Grant, JB, and Hook probably don't monitor this site anymore
  14. So go outside, shoot something on your 4K pocket and post it... bet you can't, otherwise shut up bashing Grant Petty and BMD. No one from bmd asked me to post anything, I'm just an Aussie sticking up for a product that's changed the landscape. In the meantime I'll keep shooting on my GH2, and learning Davinci Resolve 15, that you also criticised and it's free. He didn't impress you when you had a BMD meltdown a couple of months ago when you werent invited to the party. Grant, JB, and Hook probably don't monitor this site anymore .
  15. So when can you post something you've shot.Just go out side shot something with a BMD camera and post it . pretty simple thing to do.
  16. Any chance of seeing something of what you've shot over the years. My real name is Brian (harry henry) Heard and I post on Youtube. What's your real name?
  17. So did you approach BMD in Port Melbourne, or post it on Black Magic official site? Grant Petty is one of the most honourable man on the planet. He'll replace or refund you if you're not happy with his product.
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