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  1. Having some menu quirks - for instance, if I am in video mode on the dial, and I go into the menu, then down to the Playback tab, and then into the playback menu itself (arrow over into the actual list of options), the screen goes black for a quarter of a second, the mic shuts off, and then the screen comes back on as normal. The audio comes back as soon as you exit the menus. Not an issue in any practical sense, but quirky. Also, going into the menu system when I don't immediately start on the playback tab (so if the last time I left the menu I was in the, say, custom tab), the screen is ev
  2. jurgen

    GH4 audio bug

    Here's the scoop on mine: In modes other than video, there's a "beep" that gets recorded that varies with shutter speed. Not an issue, because you're not in video mode. This seems to be on every GH4. In video mode, if I plug my VideoMic into the mic port and don't turn it on, a hum/buzz gets recorded to the file. I don't know if this is normal for any camera with something plugged into the port, but it seems to be true for the GH4. With the mic on, I can't hear a thing. Boosting gain to +6, headphones maxed, there's no noise. It sounds like shit because everything is being topped out, but
  3. GH3 files as well. This is a RAW converter problem, has to be.
  4. Just downloaded and opened a GX7 file (1/500 shutter speed, ISO 200). Much to my surprise: http://imgur.com/BkBdBYe "Dead" pixels, or ... something. I think something is amiss with the way that Iridient processes RW2 files. It doesn't make sense that literally - without a single exception - every single Panasonic RAW file I've opened (on Iridient across two separate computers) has shown these black dots. Good thinking, Julian.
  5. Have already asked him: "Most modern digital cameras these days do a very good job automatically mapping out dead pixels prior to the RAW image data even being stored to file. In my limited tests so far with the GH4 I didn't find obvious dead pixel issues, but may have misse them, and I assumed it was doing a good job with this internally. Many RAW processors always automatically do dead pixel filtering, in Iridient Developer for various reasons (most cameras don't need it, it's nice astrophotography to be able to turn such filters completely off, etc) by default I typically do not. See
  6. Most of these aren't my pictures, but pictures from six or seven different GH4 RAW samples around the internet (imaging-resource, photographyblog, quesabesde, etc.) They show up in every GH4 RAW photo I've seen, making me think that either something is happening with Iridient, or something has changed from the way the GH4 handles RAW photos in camera.
  7. Flower picture from photographyblog.com's review: http://www.photographyblog.com/reviews/panasonic_lumix_dmc_gh4_review/sample_images/ http://imgur.com/yZW5P4H http://imgur.com/FMFCwPG http://imgur.com/RmMT2dA These are just cherrypicked from around the frame, there are probably 20-30 spots I counted scanning at 100%. This was an image shot at 1/400 at base ISO. (viewed in Iridient - it's in every other photo I looked at on there as well). Again, I don't think this is a big issue, but ... weird that it's in every copy, at least when viewed in Iridient.
  8. I just did a 600% punch in on 4K video - no problems, clean image. ACR might fix them automatically, but the strangest part of this to me is that it's not a one off thing - they show up in every GH4 RAW photo on every camera I've seen. I'll do some more looking around, and keep an eye on it with my own copy.
  9. That's been suggested elsewhere, but I don't think so, as they're randomly assorted camera to camera (though always in the same spot for each particular camera). At this point, I'm pretty convinced it's artifacts introduced by various RAW developers.
  10. Curious! Just downloaded the same file. In Iridient, all the black spots are still there. Hmm. Maybe it's an Iridient thing, as I've been thoroughly mocked elsewhere for not assuming from the get-go. Thanks for your help, Julian! Also, as a quick aside - any harm in running pixel refresh more than once? I've done it a couple times and while I can't see any harm in it (or imagine there being any), the thought just crossed my mind that maybe it shouldn't have been done.
  11. Trying to. I've got ExifTool running on my MacBook and for some reason the commands keep kicking back errors. exiftool -model="GH3" *.RW2 kicks back a "FILE NOT FOUND" error message. Any ideas?
  12. Might be an overanalysis, but I've been shooting a lot of stills on my GH4, and because I normally edit in ACR+Photoshop (for which there is no GH4 RAW support yet), I've pretty much been jpg's only to this point. I decided to give Iridient and PhotoNinja a go earlier today, and I had some strange discoveries. In both programs, at between 100% and 200% view, there are what looks like dead pixels throughout the frame (maybe 10-15 scattered across). They look like this: http://imgur.com/FxCJ8rl http://imgur.com/5H2RGHU And at first I thought I just needed to run the pixel remap, which I
  13. jurgen

    GH4 audio bug

    ... I own a GH4. Everyone in that thread owns a GH4.
  14. jurgen

    GH4 audio bug

    There is some dispute about whether it's actually being recorded or whether that particular poster is improperly normalizing his audio. What we might be hearing is the noise floor, heavily boosted. For what it's worth, in video mode, with both the on-board mic and my standard Rode VideoMic, at all gain settings (-12 to +6), it sounds "normal" on playback. Shitty with the gain up so high, but "normal". No motorcycle like buzz.
  15. jurgen

    GH4 audio bug

    http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?323353-audio-bug-discovered http://suggestionofmotion.com/blog/panasonic-gh4-audio-buzz/ An audible "buzz" that can be heard with the GH4, one that changes frequency based on modes/shutter speeds. I can recreate the "problem" on my copy (as can seemingly everyone), though I would never have noticed had someone not mentioned it. The second link has the steps to recreate, if anyone else is interested. Curious!
  16. I don't know if making that sort of splash is as important to a company like GoPro, where the product is at once "niche" and ubiquitous and they have a huge percentage of the marketshare. Someone else mentioned Apple, and I think that's a good analog for the type of market GoPro operates in.
  17. Great choices! I think this is an excellent move.
  18. It still can be. I've never seen a genuine opinion shut down on this site, regardless of how far it strays from conventional wisdom. I have found respectful disagreements to be welcome if not encouraged. With that said, I have also seen rudeness, cockiness, malice, and ill-temper attempting to pass itself off as "just a genuine opinion what's the big deal," and on that I agree with the overall sentiment of this post wholeheartedly - it needs to stop because it detracts greatly from the benefit you can get from scrutiny among friends. I would be in favor of stricter community moderation as a
  19. People will always attack others who tell the truth. I cannot speak for everyone on this forum, as I haven't been here very long, but I know of many people who greatly value your work, opinions, and willingness to look honestly at things, myself included. The vocal minority is just that - small, but loud. I can't tell you to ignore them, as I wouldn't be able to either, but please know that most of us see it for what it is, and are on your side.
  20. No, I mean that it's a design oversight. I understand that as they had the cameras working before release, the ability to format/delete media might have caused fragmentation. But to then just say, "okay, forget it!"? That's pretty crazy.
  21. I'm still sort of baffled as to how they designed three cameras without the ability for format/delete clips and view remaining space. That's not a small oversight ... it'd be like if they left the locking mechanism off the lens mount three separate times. Sure, you can use it, but ... why isn't it there?
  22. I don't know what it is, but I prefer the flat profile on the GH4 almost more than any grades I've seen. Nice find!
  23. I would buy a Pocket Cinema Camera if they updated firmware so you could format cards in camera. I don't think that's ever going to happen, though, so I will spend my money with Panasonic and/or whoever else looks like they give a shit about the market they chose to enter.
  24. Press release (in Japanese): http://translate.google.com/translate?depth=1&hl=en&ie=UTF8&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http://www.olympus.co.jp/jp/news/2014a/nr140407mfourthirdsj.jsp 43rumors.com article: http://www.43rumors.com/jvc-joins-the-mft-system-and-will-show-new-mft-4k-camera-soon/ This is cool, I suppose, though ... JVC? They're still around? Be interested to see what they come up with!
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