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  1. Is it just me, or is it starting to seem that the c-lens route is not terribly promising for the bmpcc? The wider ones all seem to have problems? Looks like native mft, or adapted superwides from other dslr companies are better? (possibly using speed booster for ff lenses).
  2. Andreas, thanks. This makes it at least in the ballpark of what a much larger group could see themselves invest. (I know it is easy to spend 500-800 for a stabilizer, and if you need a good vest+arm, that can be a lot more. )
  3. Thanks Julian, I guess it isn't my google-skills being horrible then ;) It is a bit surprising nobody found it worth the effort to put this together. I know there are partial lists done by the canon community for their dslr's for instance, but even those seem to be pretty narrow in scope/depth.   Thanks for the suggestions, if the 5d3 could do 60p, I think I would have gone for that but since not - after mulling it over, (other than waiting another year (and hoping) blackmagic design comes up with the next killer model that has 1080p60 (maybe as an addition to their 2.5K or 4K cam)), I probably need two cameras; The GH3 and the BMPCC. The GH3 for slowmotion,extra wide shots, and situations where autofocus is important and the soon to be out blackmagic pocket cinema camera (bmpcc) for other (majority of) scenes. There is very limited footage out yet, but if it truly matches the bmcc, but constrained to 1080p instead of 2.5K, it may give better picture than the GH3, and it will definitely be better for post, as it seems it definitely will be 4:2:2. Since I also plan to do some greenscreen work, that would be important.   At least they both use the same mount (micro four thirds) and can be adapted to work with all my Minolta lenses. The crop-factor on the Gh3 is rather high (2x I think), and the bmpcc is even worse, at 3x. The wildcard could be if metabones come out with a speedbooster for sony alpha glass to m43 cameras. The rumor is that the alpha->nex will come in August, so one could always hope...
  4. I think the concept is really clever, and it seems to work great, but like most on this forum, we won't be able to buy this, and since it is something that is supposed to replace shots done very often, renting it doesn't seem all that viable either. Don't get me wrong, someone who can afford a Red w/all the expensive accessories probably don't complain about the price, but aiming a $7500 version to GH3 owners, that's odd considering it is 5 times the price of the camera.. I'd say, keep the 15K for the large version, but the small one needs to be no  more than $2k to have "mass" appeal.
  5. Hi,   I am wondering if anyone knows of a site/blog/spreadsheet or whatnot that keeps track of all the video-capable cameras/camcorders out there? I am thinking of features like is 1080p available in real 60 progressive, is HDMI out clean, and if so, is it 4:2:2, how many bits per channel etc?   I am having a hard time figuring out a camera that can cover my needs, for around $3000. I am completely open to whether form-factor is a dslr, mirrorless, specialized "movie" camera like bmcc, camcorders like sony vg/ea/fs series etc.    If anyone have ideas of a single camera in the price-level, that has the following features, please reply; -changeable lenses -1080p24+1080p60 -That rez/those frame-rates either being possible to output over clean hdmi or internally store at 4:2:2,minimum 8-bits per channel, preferable 10 or 12.  -Preferably Dynamic range around 13-14 -minimal jello/antialiasing artifacts   The ea-50 seems to be the closest that fits the bill out of the box (though I am not sure if gh3 or canon 5dmk3 can be hacked to have all of these features). However, not much info/footage I could find about ea-50, and everybody raves about the bmcc which is likely to have much better dynamic range and higher quality output (12bit per channel?). However, as far as I understand, none of the blackmagic cameras support 60p, which I find necessary for slow motion effects.   Sorry for the lengthy post!   -Tom
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