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  1. The choices I suggested (mostly Century & Optex) are not heavy, you will feel them as an extra normal lens, so you will not see such a difference. When you'll have the anamorphic (stay tuned in the forum or/& Ebay as your friend is right!) test it with all your lenses & you'll see which fits most. Maybe, you will need to buy an extra lens that fits better with camera&anamorphic...

    Take care. 

  2. yeia sou ellada!

    Hi Chris, have you read the anamorphic guide by Andrew, so to have an idea of some important characteristics concerning the compatibility of your gear (camera+lenses+anamorphic lens) & what the result may be? If not, I suggest you'll do. Send me a pm. From my small experience, Panasonic LA7200, Century, or Optex will fit you most and you'll avoid the cost for a clamp, as the need just a normal step-up ring to adjust the anamorphic on the taking lens. I have the last 2 (but for use on m4/3) and I'm very pleased with the results. Right now I'm waiting to receive the D610 so to make a test on FullFrame too. Also add to your budget some money for close-up filters (diopters) and you will need of course a filter clamp to attach the close-up filter on the anamorphic. Which meansthe extra: ~€70 (shipped) for the clamp (if you'll purchase a Century or OPTEX) and ~€75 for diopters (you'll need at least a +0.5 & a +1 close-up). *By the way, filter clamp only from Redstan.com & he has the last one for sale which fits to both Century/Optex. After that he told me that no more again...

    Hope that helped,


    ps: I saw your work, well done!

  3. Merci Seb ! Ta fille est toujours la classe !

    Et parce-que mon français sont encore trop mauvais (je déménagè récemment en France, à Aix-en-Pce),

    I will continue in english :) ... 

    Your baby hypergonar looks 2 times better than the Isco!...

    I will really appreciate if you can give me a couple of advices on it, as I'm new to this world.




    By the way, I love your jobs & I follow you everywhere!

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