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  1. My god that is MASSIVE. How wide can you go before it vignettes?  Would love to see some daylight outdoor, and some faces.


    The footage made with the Helios 44 2/58 @ f/3.5, with this lens starts vignetting with lower aperture than f/2.8, @ f/2.8 it's still usable, but not proper. I have to try it with more lenses to be sure. As about the daylight footage: as I previously said, it's difficult without the proper rig solution to work with it. As you can see in the photo with the set, I just put it on the rails and then trying to focus with it by moving it a bit, so to be able to turn the focus ring, then back to position in touch with the taking lens... Also, the front optic is huge (~106mm) and I don't have NDs of that diameter :(

    I just received a message from John so he will help me to create a proper rig solution, but I need some time :P .


    The flare from this lens looks like the front and rear optics are not properly aligned - is there any sign that it's been opened for cleaning? Looks like it may not be reassembled properly and is not resolving its optimum sharpness. The streak lines in the flare should always be parallel to each other - some of these look skewed, indicating an internal alignment issue.


    I really don't know Häns, since I received it, that was the first time that I tried to play with it a little. I have to check it further, it's so nice lens that deserves care anyway. But to be honest, I prefer it like that, has its own character :)

  2. At last a chance to see this unit perform. Perhaps you can show some daytime footage?


    These units show up about 4/5 times a year, always without the back lens which would have been a Cooke Speed Panchro F2/50 or similar with focus mechanism. Before the resurgence of interest in anamorphic with the advent of large sensor cameras over the last 5/6 years, it seems that these units were scavanged for the Cooke SPs which is a great pity since the complete unit would be quite a treasure.


    How are you mounting it, do you have a picture to show?


    I'll try for the daytime footage John, but since I have no proper rig solution for it, seems painful (having also in mind of how lazy I am :P).

    I agree though that the full unit could be a real treasure... I uploaded a better video, so click again to see it, the previous one was a bit dark.

    Attached a photo of my very simple set: 


  3. Having it sitting for a long time, I said to finally give it a try, as until now it was impossible to get any info about it, or even so to find a video made with this rare beast. 

    Quick test of the Moller Anamorphot 30/2x, on an Oly E-M1.

    I have to admit that wasn't that easy to work with it, it's big like an Iscorama, not easy to use just an anamorphic clamp and I always prefer smaller anamorphics to play with, so I don't have the proper rig solution for this Moller. But the image quality that comes out of it, puts it (at least) beside Iscorama.

    Any comment is welcome, this lens is a miracle:


  4. I can't understand what makes you believe that by trying to have the last word, you will be over the situation... And I couldn't imagine such an advertising, but I thank you a lot guys. :)  You really forced my sales lately, while you thought that you will do the opposite, dear "scribes and Pharisees"... And believe me, the last (over a) month, sales were down in anamorphics. After all, go find something really creative for your self to do, as (trust me), you really need that. Maybe will make you separate the difference between the hobby and the professionalism.

  5. Dear denko89, I have no time to reply to you, sorry... Go discuss your philosophical problems & theory to some other topics. To make it clear: you don't touch me. Your critics, and anyone's else, that doesn't agree with me or my philosophy. You get it? I hope that this is very clear. End of discussion my boy. This lovely product found already someone who appreciated its lovely quality, and the price he bought it.

  6. I was looking through your ebay auctions.
    Everything you're selling is a total ripoff.
    People like you blow up the prices of anamorphic lenses to exagerated proportions.

    What a shame!


    There is also an other point of view, which is especially adapted to you: you are looking for totally suckers, who will sell you an Iscorama for €100 & a Tokina achromat +0.4 for €10.

    Or when you say to people in this community that you will buy their products, then you have them waiting for 10 days(!) so  to make your payment, while this same period their loosing other customers, and at the end you're telling them that "oh man sorry, I can't buy it finally!"...

    And at the same moment(!) you talk also with others to buy their (similar) products!...

    This is your common behaviour here, which I can confirm you have done to other members, fortunately not to me yet, but now I know...

  7. Ok, I'll stay on topic:


    It is at least spiteful this kind of behaviour of yours & I explained already why. If somebody is respectful or not I saw this in this topic today. The market works like this: I have something that no other have it & I sell it as I like. You do exactly the same by the way: You make something unique, some people like it & buy it (by paying a lot for my opinion), some others not. I do not buy it, I pass it, I do not judge it in public, & you ask a lot for this thing. My opinion is my opinion & I keep it for me. End of this. You made a topic for an anamorphic you're thinking to make: I never came to write in this topic "is it going to be same shit like your lenses"? No, I didn't. And if you'll make this anamorphic finally and I like it, I will buy it.

    Now, people like you who are knowing the market and how it works, you know very well that when something is unique out there (like your products), prices can go whatever. Same like Iscorama: if we could find it everyday, prices could be much less. Things are simple, and the same you do in your business. Anyway, I don't want to continue more, as I think you got me. I never ever did something against anybody here, I am a very respectful person, & so I'm expecting the same by others. My sales are always very clean & clear... And as about my sales in general here, as I am a very district person, I never bump my sales, I just post them and let them go. I'm trying not to be annoying.

    To end all this, I will repeat: I have this thing for sale, nobody else (yet) have it available, and if someone need it right now to make money with it, I sell it, but it has a price. THAT'S IT, THAT'S HOW IT WORKS OUT THERE, NOT ONLY WITH MY THING, BUT ALSO WITH YOURS, OR ANY OTHER THING. 

  8. 1. Which productive community are you talking about??? With people like you?? Who are trying to ruins somebody's reputation and sales by talking bullshits??? Without any proves of your sayings???  Are you kidding me??  Really.  You are funny man, absolutely.  Have a look at the mirror with the products you sell. I wonder why I never had one... Cause I'm so "impressed" maybe?... So, for you my listing is unfair, while you steal others with your selling prices?? ... Buying lenses for $10 and selling them for $350??? What you put on them? GOLD? And you talk for "unfair" listings?


    2. I see no threats but a warning, it is the traditional way to make somebody understand his mistake. And I found your way aggressive and negative against me, especially when you put your nose to pretend the "Robin Wood", while you sell your shit optics for gold... Again, have a look at your mirror... If you want to save the community, start from your self and your lenses' prices, and then continue to start judging others. As about the diopters you mentioned, who told you that they must be included anyway, since even Slr Magic sells the anamorphot also as a stand alone product. What if some people don't want the Slr Magic diopters because they have a Tokina? Again, I don't understand you Statler (or Waldorf?)...


    3. In a free market (this is how it called now days) & with the marketing (you know what is it), everybody sells as he wants (like you do!) and there are some "keys" so to help your sales to be found by a large amount of people (like I do). If you don't like it, do not do it with your sales. Did I ever appeared in any of your sales, topics, etc, to say my bullshit? Well, again: NEVER. This is me. And as about you, We saw who you are & your practice: blaming and denigrating others without any evidence...

  9. blah blah blah blah. You remind me Statler and Waldorf (you know: Muppet Show)...

    Who told you that this is a pre production model???  Are you kidding me???  What makes you believe that you know everything??? And Why are you trying to ruin somebody's reputation and you talk bullshits??? While the product is the full official final version, with all receipts!! Which means that even if it will pass 10 owners, while in warranty period, warranty is always valid!!!!!!! Go  play with your toys. You handle it better than opening your mouth and talking what ever comes to your mind.

    My previous posts, are adapted to you too:  You don't like, just pass away ;)

    Did I came at your door forcing you buy something? I don't understand you "Robin Wood"... Really.

    If you are unhappy with your live, go find the real reason. Which obviously isn't in this topic... You got it?

  10. As I previously said: this one you take it & you shoot. Right NOW. If you have a job to make, so to get paid & you need this thing right NOW, so to take the job & to get paid, what will you do? You will wait the end of the month (or maybe the next one? as there's no contract from Slr Magic for exact date of delivery), but lose the money? And after all, nobody forced you to buy it. That's how the market works: I have it, you want it, you take it or not. The rest is just to spend your time, if you haven't something better to do in your boring life. If I had the GH4 right now & put it on sale for €2000 (which means 1 month before all others), what's your problem after all? So, to finish with all this as my time is valuable: if you don't like, then you simply don't buy. That's all & so simple.

  11. He's the same seller who 4-5 days ago sold the pair of them you mentioned above. That pair started at the price of €1000 and only 2 bids made within the last 3 seconds. Finally went for €1515...

    I was the first bidder (of the total 2) with a bid of €1505. I search the guy who made his bid 1 second after me (and 1 before the end of the auction) and finally took them. It's unfair that he has 2... :)

    The strange thing is that this seller had 3 pieces... And all in immaculate condition. Is it true that finally only 25 pieces made?

  12. Hi all,


    As per the title, a used GH2 with the Driftwood hack. Fully working condition, ready for your next project. Camera body + original strap + original battery + original charger with cable. Price: €390 via Paypal, including fees & shipping cost. Shipping from France, to any worldwide destination.


    Kind Regards,


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