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    JackHorror reacted to sgreszcz in Wide angle lens for Panasonic GX85 | Help   
    I use the  PL15/f1.7 and the Laowa 7.5/f2 (and the 45-175 zoom) with my GX80 as a very small travel package.  All lenses have the same 46mm filter size, so I used the same step-up to my 58mm NDs.  On the Laowa, I get some obvious vignetting due to my filters and magnetic adaptors - will look at that for next time. 
    I have an example when I'm walking with the 7.5mm using the GX80 IBIS - I was carrying a lot of beach stuff and probably could do better.
    Here are some unedited (4k 25fps 1/50s shutter, AWB) screen grabs shooting Cine-D from the 15mm (first 4) and 7.5mm (second 4).

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    JackHorror reacted to andrgl in Youtube video bad quality   
    Yup. Youtube re-encodes your uploads. Their h.264 settings will bin motion, grain and tonality.
    Vimeo is really your only alternative if you care about quality.
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    JackHorror reacted to Vesku in Youtube video bad quality   
    One way to get better Youtube IQ is to render 1440 or even 2160 version of your video. When browser downscales it to monitor size (normally fullhd) it looks much cleaner.
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    JackHorror reacted to Andrew Reid in EOSHD Filmic Compositions - New music service launching soon!   
    I'm working with two musicians, Hauptman & Friendly in Berlin. They are composing sound tracks for filmmakers which you can license for your own work and avoid the dreaded Copyright Match on Vimeo.

    Pricing will start at just $19.99. The cinematography reel I have edited above showcases some of my cinematography along with the score "Chains" written by Ofer Hauptman.

    This is in the early stages... I'd love to hear your feedback about what you'd like to get from EOSHD Filmic Compositions and how you'd want to use it. We won't be going for quantity, but quality.Read the full article here
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    JackHorror reacted to Pascal Garnier in Panasonic G6 music video / Coely "My Tomorrow"   
    Shot with a Panasonic G6. "Natural" Profile with everything dialed down to -5.
    Steadicam shots with a Pana 14 2.5, all other footage with Canon FD's.
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    JackHorror reacted to andy lee in Panasonic G6 vs Canon 5D MarkIII - VIDEO   
    another point to note is some of these zoom lenses with Aspheric elements are sharper than most prime lenses
    Yes zooms with aspheric elements are very very sharp and I tend to use them alot as a 'variable prime' ,
    meaning I dont go zooming them in and out I just use the zoom function to frame the shot how I want it
    if you get these 3 zooms you can cover 90% of you shots
    Panasonic 14-42mm kit lens
    Canon FD 24-35mm f3.5
    Canon FD 35-105mm f3.5
    That takes you from 14mm to 105mm (full frame equivilant 28mm- 210mm)
    then maybe get a fast f1.4 prime for night shooting and your bokeh madness arty shots
    the Fujinon c mount 25mm f1.4 is very sharpa nd very cheap on ebay
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    JackHorror reacted to andy lee in Panasonic G6 vs Canon 5D MarkIII - VIDEO   
    Yashica 24mm f2.8  stunning sharp Carl Zeiss Distagon equivilant lens made in same factory in Japan just alot cheaper - use this as your standard every day lens its very good !! Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar 28-70mm - unreal lens very very sharp - aspheric element Canon FD 24-35mm f3.5 L SERIES - amazing go to all purpose lens , very very sharp has aspheric elements Canon FD 35-105mm f3.5 very very sharp constant aperture zoom - great for Paul Greengrass /Barry Ackroyd Bourme Ultimatum  type zooms - (the zooms on the black background on the vid above are this lens) Canon fd 50mm f1.7 - sharp cheap canon fd 28mm f2.8 - bloody sharp cheap !! Sigma FD fit 24mm f2.8 - has nice colours and is cheap very sharp too! I do really like the Panasonic kit lens 14-42mm - its very very sharp has aspheric elements I do use it alot for outside shots with ND 4 or ND 8 on it a killer insanly sharp lens is the Carl Zeiss N Mount 24-85mm - its is one of my favourite lenses and is rediculously sharp - Im talking PL mount cinema lens sharp - makes the G6 look like RED EPIC with the fine detail it renders - we use this lens alot Carl Zeiss Biometar 80mm f2.8 in pentacon 6 mount- mine is 50 years old !! 1963 model - but it is a superb portrait lens I use for head shots amd close ups - Razor Sharp!!!! (head shots on vid above are this lens) Panasonic 14mm f2.4 very sharp and cheap too - nice wide lens - great on street scenes in cities. my latest new toy  Fujinon c mount 25mm f1.4 - very sharp wide open superb for night street scenes where you have neon  etc
    I very rarely shoot past f2.8 on the G6 as the dof gets too narrow for me , at night I like the f1.4 Fujinon but as a whole I shoot alot of f2.8 - 3.5 on set ,as DOF is usable but looks cinematic. 
    Im not into 5mm dof its unusable for me , so dont be afraid of buying f2.8 and f3.5 lens for the G6 - remember if you are outside you will be using NDs and down at f5.6 if cloudy and f8 - f11 with ND4 in the sun , so your fast lens is working slower anyhow due to the light.
    On set you just light the set for f2.8 or f3.5 and you can hit marks Ok with Actors its usable for me.....
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    JackHorror reacted to Andrew Reid in Panasonic G6 Review - the GH2 Redux   
    The G6 achieves a certain yin-and-yang. With the GH3 now occupying a higher position in the line, the G6 has moved up to occupy the position once taken by our much loved GH2. It shares the same sensor which of course was always pretty special for video, yet adds a lot of significant new features like 1080/60p, a faster processor, high resolution LCD and something the GH3 doesn't even have - focus peaking.

    Read the full article here
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    JackHorror reacted to FilmMan in Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.   
    And not to forget a special thanks to Andrew for hosting this site.  All the best.  ;)
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    JackHorror got a reaction from Loma Graphics Oy in Nikon V1 - shooting 4K 60fps raw for $200   
    I try to find some Nikon V1 4k raw footages are there any?
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    JackHorror reacted to thlbeal in Nikon V1 - shooting 4K 60fps raw for $200   
    My latest (and last) 1 v1 RAW video.

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    JackHorror reacted to thlbeal in Nikon V1 - shooting 4K 60fps raw for $200   
    Just finished up a new little music video.  All footage was shot through a plane window.
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    JackHorror reacted to Andrew Reid in GH3 book?   
    Had to divert to Canon land for a bit. I'm still working on it. Will be released within a month.
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    JackHorror got a reaction from Ratguity in DSLR or Camcorder?   
    Hallo there!
    Next month i am going to buy a dslr or a camcorder...
    And i need help, to decide what to buy...
    Well, i saw a lot of dslr video tests on youtube, most videos where fine when the dslr's where still, but when they were "in action"  video was kind of (i dont know how to explain that, lets say wobbling/distorted they didn't had that "smooth" on video), was that because of bad settings? I don't know you will tell me!
    On the other hand the camcorders, didn't had that kind of problem..
    I like a lot the mirrorless Panasonic GH3, but i saw "that problem" in video tests too...Is there anyone using the GH3? I need your opinion too!
    My budget is up to 1800€, maybe more....
    I need help!
    Thank you!
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    JackHorror reacted to Andrew Reid in Nikon V1 - shooting 4K 60fps raw for $200   

    Above - the compressed 2.4k version of 4K raw from the Nikon V1 by Javier Sobremazas

    There's a dark horse in our midst which very few know about, a camera which can shoot 4K raw at 60fps for $200.
    Full article
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    JackHorror reacted to Julian in Stupid Question: What is raw recording?   
    It is exactly like you say. Every frame of the video is a photograph. With the Canon hack you get 24 DNG's (an universal raw standard) per second. The resolution is lower than photographs though, but still you have much more sharpness and dynamic range.
    It existed before, but until recently a camera that would film in raw would cost you like $20K to $100K.
    Last year, Blackmagic released the BMCC, it films in raw for $3K. That was a big break though.
    Beginning this year, Blackmagic announced the Pocket Cinema Camera, raw for $1000 (smaller sensor though), another break trough.
    Now recently Magic Lantern discovered how make almost every Canon dslr with live view film in raw! The 5D3 works best, bit pricey.. but awesome if you have one already :)
    The cheaper models like the 550D/600D can do it in low resolution only because of the slower SD card controller.
    The 5 year old Canon 50D which cost like $300 on eBay can do it in decent resolutions... which is pretty amazing.
    Exciting times :)
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    JackHorror reacted to Andrew Reid in Stupid Question: What is raw recording?   
    Raw is the 'raw data' from the sensor. The sensor captures light, translates it into analogue data then to digital. In order to create an image that digital data must be debayered and processed. Usually this would be done on the camera, but DSLRs don't have as powerful processors as a desktop computer, and need to process the data in real-time at 24fps or even 60fps.
    Also when raw image data is compressed into a video file, or a JPEG still, it gets baked. It is like cooking a stake. It isn't raw any more :)
    With raw video you do your cooking later, with all the flexibility to cook the original image in post. You can change and grade the image far more than you can when the camera has already cooked it for you in-camera, and served up a much less tasty dish.
    The camera is a bad chef.
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