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  1. Just bought it, I've been trying it out with some downloaded videos and works great, indeed seems to have a rose-tinted effect that is evident the first time you try it but after a few seconds you forget and the difference with the original footage is amazing. I still don't understand how it can achieve more DR but it certainly does, and to my eyes the footage seems to have a more organic sort of "3d" effect. Very happy with the purchase. Thanks Andrew!
  2. Thanks Cary, looking forward to try it out extensively during the holidays! @wolf33d I've found it thru a Spanish dedicated m43 forum (I'm in Spain)
  3. finally found a great deal on a 12-35 and went for it! Looking forward to try it out! Thanks everyone for your help, at the end although the Oly seemed to have a slight advantage the smaller size and dual IS won the contest for me.
  4. Thanks Ricardo, I'll add the Flycam Nano to my Wishlist I'll be using it alongside the IBIS so hopefully add the 35mm I'll be steady enough. I'll be doing mostly interviews and also some run&gun and events in location. The flicker issue I guess it can be deal with as I don't usually zoom while recording and the 4k crop can be helpful there. So I guess im leaning towards the smaller footprint and DUAL IS of the Pana.
  5. Very nice video Ricardo, very impressive. May I ask which steady did you use? Also what about the jittering problem have you noticed any? Regarding the flicker I guess if I plan things right I can shoot 4k and then crop from there...
  6. I've almost change my mind towards the 12-35 due to all the videos I've seen as there are more examples than with the 12-40. I'm reading about this flickering problem though while zooming, is it really an issue or has been updated or there's a workaround for it? This alongside the micro jitters could be a deal breaker...
  7. I have the same question, actually even opened a thread asking that. I have a G80 and a Gx80 and now I have to decide between the Oly and the Pana, the Oly has a slight advantage due to the extra range and closer focus but if the Dual IS really makes a difference I would choose the 12-35.
  8. Thanks for the video Cary, pretty steady indeed. Will the IBIS only if used with the 12-40 much different steady wise? Also I've been looking at video reviews and seems like the Pana flickers a bit when zooming and the Oly doesn't seem to have that issue. Is the Oly parfocal? And I've read some copies of the Pana suffer from micro jitters is that fixed already thru firmware or it might happen? I guess I'm still leaning towards the Oly due to the extra reach and closer focus distance, hoping that with the G80 and GX85 IBIS won't miss any extra stabilisation.
  9. Decisions... Decisions, I was almost convinced on the Oly but now I dunno anymore :D If IQ is pretty much the same, I have to decide if the 10mm reach is worth it or if the Dual IS might be a better option. What about in terms of autofocus I'm guessing the Pana will be better on Pana bodies, is that so? And if so a lot of difference between the two?
  10. Thanks for all the info, seems like the Oly is the better deal. It will cost me a bit more than the Pana but seems to be worth it despite being non stabilised. I'll try to get that one! Let's see if I'm lucky enough.
  11. Hi again, today I have a new question :D I just returned a Sigma 17-50 that I wanted to use on my Lumix G80 and Gx80 due to the vignetting I've got with a LensTurbo, so I was about to go for a Lumix 12-35 as I didn't even know the Olympus version existed. Question is, if you can get one of those for roughly the same price (second hand) which will be your choice? Is one significantly better than the other one? As it seems the extra range, build quality and focus ring of the Olympus are a plus, but how does it compare without the stabilisation on the Lumix? Does the IBIS on the G80 /GX80 compensate for that or is it better to have everything stabilised? I do mainly interviews but also run&gun where handheld is the only option. What you guys think?
  12. Thank you! It might take me a while to get a prime zoom, but good to know about the booster for the primes!
  13. Ok thanks, in that case you think if set to the maximum focal length will have an impact if used at the minimum? I mean if set at 35mm will not work properly at 18mm Also this made me wonder... how you decide the focal length that you have to mark on the camera? If using a 50mm lens, should you select the 50 or the 100mm due to the 2x crop factor? or even 75mm if using a booster?
  14. Good to know, I'll be using a "lens turbo" instead but good to know that the stabiliser works that well with that range.
  15. Nice & steady, is this handheld with the camera stabilisation only?
  16. Thanks for your input Jon. Finally I've found a dealer that offered a body only option, but at the end for an extra 100€ I've bought the kit with the 12-60 and the grip. I agree with what you say about the zoom lens, I just thought that travelling it might be useful to have an allrounder lens, and then use Nikon primes with the speed booster for interviews interiors and more planned stuff. Ideally I would get the sigma 18-35 but I can't afford it right now, but that's my idea use fast primes and then maybe an old and cheap Nikon 100mm f2.8 or similar for the tele stuff when I need it. So for now, I have the Panasonic 25 1.7 for the gx85, the 12-60 for the G80, thinking on selling the 12-32, and I'm about to get a "lens turbo" and a Nikon 50 1.4 or 1.8 depending on what I find around... that's a start lets see how it goes!
  17. That's what I was doing, but then for a projects where I need to intercut with full frame telephotos there was a big difference, so I'm hoping I can get closer to that with a speed booster and a 2.8 tele which will end up being an f2.0 or something around that. Basically because that's the option I have if I get the G80, I'm in Spain I couldn't find a body only option, so I have to get one of the kits. The 12-60 should give me a good range, was planning on getting that one and maybe selling the 12-32 to get the 12-35 f2.8, But then again since I'll be travelling and getting shots around the extra range on both lenses might be useful. Any suggestions?
  18. Thanks aldolega, that's what I thought with the adapters, but then again I wasnt sure about the G series and made me doubt. If thats's the case I think is the best option to adapt different lenses and get closer to that "full frame look". I believe I'm leaning towards the G85 as well, since I'll be exactly the same sensor as the GX85 which will be my second camera. Plus if I'm planning in getting the cheap booster the sensor stabilisation will come in handy (if they fix it!). Now I just have to decide if I get de kit with 12-60 or the 14-140, but that's a different story...
  19. Thanks for your input Thom, just found a GH4 + stabilised zoom for a good price, might jump on that... not sure still though. I had no idea about the Nikon G lens, I assumed all Nikon lenses worked with the Zhongyi Lens Turbo, I know it has a ring to control the exposure, but I thought it controlled the lens directly. If that's not the case I'll have to re-plan everything!
  20. Hi everyone, Just got a year long project shooting interviews and documentary/events. I currently have a Lumix GX85 and sold my RX10mk2 since I couldn't get enough defocus background to intercut with full frame cameras in some projects. So after considering different options I thought the best one for me will be going m43 with speed booster (Chinese version) and Nikon lens, and also since I already own a GX85 I could easily match picture profiles to intercut. Had my mind on the G80, since it's possible I'll be doing handheld stuff but the stabilisations problems this cam has made me consider the G7 or even the GH4, and leave all the handheld stuff with the GX85. My question is, is it worth it to get a second hand GH4 nowadays? Is the G7 or G80 image better image and color wise? Would like a better slowmotion feature than 60p (not for this job) but after considering many options not sure there's a camera that offers all I need and that is on my budget (around 1k). 4K not strictly necessary, but is a nice feature in order to crop and get close ups and pans during interviews. Also do you think that with the speed booster and the 35 1.8 / 50 1.8 Nikon lens I could get close to a full frame look? Was considering APS-C cams and boosters but I'm not convinced since the only option I think there is is the A6300 and the heating issues won't be good for interviews. Any other recommendation I might have missed? Although I would like to have a 2 cam setup I could consider selling the GX85 to increase budget for new equipment if worth it. Appreciate any input
  21. I finally thought that it might be a bit overkill for me right now going that route, and just found a used pana 42.5 1.7 for a good price as well as a 25 1.7, I think for now I'll give it a go with those since I believe I might end up with more trouble than satisfaction, although I really like the image that lens offer. In a couple of months I'll be travelling around doing some interview recordings and a bit of scenery and I think I'll have more than enough with the Panasonic primes, plus the mini 12-32 if I need wider shots. I'll probably carry that on a GX80 and if I don't sell It or trade it for a gh4/g80 with my RX10 mk2. They should keep me covered and lightweight.
  22. @jonpais thanks for your input, obviously I don't want to destroy the image... as @Chris Oh says my budget is very limited and I can only afford the lens and a cheaper adaptor. From there I can always upgrade the adaptor but the investment on the lens will be there. But is it really that big of a difference betwen one and the other to consider the image destroyed? If so, I would look at different options and yeah maybe wait until I can afford the whole package. I'm considering that zoom particularly as it covers the range I normally use, with a fast aperture and it costs less than the 25 panaleica + 12mm + 45 1.8 all together. I know is big and kinda goes against the m43 philosophy, but if I can use it handheld with the 5 axis and covers everything I need I thought was a good idea. Plus for the money I think they're the best cameras, 4k, light, sharp, etc.. I could also get a 12-32 or 20mm for when I want to go light. But I dunno, I'm open to suggestions. I'm currently selling my RX10 mk2 will I see a big difference with the other setup? If not I could just get a GX85 and a couple of primes and keep both cameras...
  23. Noted. Thanks a lot, I want cheap but decent...
  24. Thanks a lot for the responses. Looks like the Nikon route is the one to go, at least for me, newbie and in a budget! Really good to know that the cheap one can control aperture on the Nikon's. Any recommendation on the cheap brands? Are all the same with different names or some are better?
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