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  1. Hi all, Sorry if this is a newbie question, but I've been trying to find info and haven't had much luck. I'm considering buying the sigma 18-55 f1.8 as I like the image it offers on the videos I've seen with it and micro four thirds cameras. As far as I know there's only one, the original speed booster, that offers aperture control and autofocus from the EF mount to m43, is the right? I would like a much cheaper option than that, autofocus is not so important, but I would like to control aperture. Is there a way to do that with the cheaper focal reducers? If not, how would you use it? Any advantages using the Nikon mount over Canon's? I don't have any lens so I wouldn't mind buying in one system of another if I can control aperture. Im thinking of using it alongside a G80 or GX85 so I can benefit from the 5 axis, in these cameras is the equivalent focal length as a 24- 50 f1.2 is that right? Sorry for all the questions, I hope someone has experience with all this and share some light!!! Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi guys, I'm currently debating if I should replace my current 15" MBP (pre-retina) with a GT650 dedicated card. The setup is fine for most things but wanting to go the 4k route I'm not sure how well it will perform. So I'm considering the new MBP 15" with the Iris Pro or the more expensive (way expensive for me) one with the R9 M370x card. Is there a big difference in performance between the two models?' At least that it justifies the price? I'basically work with final cut, but who knows maybe in the near future I might try and learn some basic after effects or give premiere a chance. Is the iris pro model enough to work with fcp? I'm even considering just getting a well spec laptop pc since I don't see the price/performance thing justified on apple products anymore. The only thing that it stops me is the fact that I mainly work with FCP, and that I haven't used windows since... I can't even remember! So I'm not proficient with it. I've been reading about the possibility of turning pc machines into "hackintosh" but I'm a complete newbie on this area. I've had a look at pages like tonymac but I don't really understand much... Is there a well spec Laptop PC (i7/SSD/Graphic card/4k) that can work or be 100% functional if turned into a hackintosh machine? Anyone uses something like that? If so are there any problems? stability? Let me know your thoughts, I'm all ears!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm currently using a GX7 with the PanaLeica 25 1.4 and a 14mm 2.5 as my main camera. It does great, but sometimes I miss more dynamic range and more DOF, so I'm considering moving to an APS system. I mainly use my camera for video, but also need a cam that takes good pics. Do you thing the A6000 with the 16-50, 35 1.8 and sigma 60 2.8 would be an improvement over my actual equipment? I have no rigs so stabilised lenses are a plus for video. Ideally I'll get a EM5 (II) but the video seems kinda lacking. On the other side, 4k is very appealing, since I can get better 1080 and crop to stabilise clips, so I'm considering the NX500. I could get the NX500 with the 16-50, the 30 f2 and maybe the 45 1.8. Would this be a better choice, considering overall image quality? What are your thoughts on lowlight video with this cameras? Does the APS sensor a better job than m4/3? Also any of those other lenses are comparable to the PanaLeica? I like how it renders everything. Which leads me to maybe even consider the G7 and keep the lenses, only the 25mm and then get the 14-42 kit. Maybe that option makes more sense unless there's a considerable difference with any of the other combos. I would love to get 120fps (i know the nx500 does it at 720) but the NX1 or GH4 are out of my range. So I'm even considering the new RX100 iv, since the zoom range works great for me, would that be a step back? Please let me know your thoughts and experiences so I can clear up my mind! Cheers
  4. I was tempted on replacing my GX7 + lenses for a Samsung NX1 or 500, but honestly this new RX10 II has pretty much all the things I want. I'm feeling like the m4/3 systems is a bit stuck and I don't see much future there with all the new Sony and Samsung sensors, so maybe full frame or APS is the way to go, but again, if the lens of this RX10 II it's as good as I've read is worth considering in my case. The only question I have is how well it behaves at ISO 1600/3200 is it comparable to let's say the GX7? That's quite good for me although my reference is with the Panaleica 25. I like shooting at night around the streets with only available light. Maybe the S-Log helps shooting at night? I've never worked with S-LOG so I'm not sure if that might be an advantage on lowlight. Also there's the DOF which I guess I'll have to get used to shoot on the larger range of the lens, which I'm not used to. And I'll have to re-learn how to work with it, but all things considered this camera seems amazing.
  5. ​Thanks for your input, I think I rather wait then, and go either for the NX1 or the GH4, the advantage of the gh4 (although as fas as I've seen doesn't look as good) is that I can keep my lens... Any good alternatives to the Panaleica for the NX system that doesn't break the bank?
  6. Hi guys, I'm really liking the footage of those Samsung's, I'm considering ditching my GX7 plus lenses to get a NX500, I would like the bigger brother but I can't afford it at the moment... I'm guessing is a nice upgrade right? going to the gx7 to the nx500 I mean. The only thing is keeping me on m4/3 is that I love the look of the Panaleica 25 1.4, also enjoy the Oly 45.18 that I use occasionally (they're the only lens I have in fact) Is there a lens for the NX series that can give me the Panaleica look? I've read good things about the 30mm f.2 Is it close in lowlight and rendering to the 25 1.4 considering the bigger sensor? Or what options do I have? I was thinking os saving money to get the GH4, but It might be better having a bigger sensor, dunno... the only thing I would like to have and won't upgrading to the NX500 is the 120fps @ 1080p are news regarding a future firmware upgrade? can we be optimistic about it? Let me know your thoughts, thanks!
  7. I was (still I'm) considering it, specially for the bigger sensor, but the bandwidth @ 50/60p is about half of the one on the RX series, and I suppose that might be noticeable. Also I'd appreciate the 120 fps, which might take me to FZ1000, but I believe the RX10 better construction and 2.8 lens might be better compared to it.
  8. Sorry to bring this post up again, but I just re-discovered the RX10 with the new firmware, and I must say I'm very impressed with the quality of some videos I've seen, even thru vimeo. Looks like a very crisp 1080p almost 4k ish... If I understand this is due to the full sensor readout and being downscaled in camera to 1080, which the RX100 MK3 should do as well. I've read that the RX100 mk3 has the same video quality, is that right?, the videos I've seen so far are not as crisp or detailed as the ones of the RX10, so it makes me wonder, as I'm torn between the two cameras. Stabilisation is equal in both cameras? And lastly I've been told that in lowlight the RX100 mk3 should outperform the 10 due to a brighter lens on the wide end, but how does the RX10 perform in dim street lights? Is it very noisy @ 3200? Is it 2.8 on the small sensor bright enough? If video quality was equal I might go to the RX100 due to size and the tilting screen, although If bright enough I would like the constant zoom, water sealing, audio in/outs, hotshoe etc on the RX10. Is there any other camera in that price range (700-800€) that does 1080p 50p with that kind of bandwith & 120 fps?
  9. @Andrew Can't wait to see your full review on this camera. I also want to replace my GM1 for another cam that can shoot at 50/60p, and I'm trying to decide between a GX7/A6000 this LX100 or even a RX10 as with the new codecs it might be better for that purpose (plus 100fps @720), although not sure how it performs in low light. Anyone has tried the 50p conformed to 25p on this camera with low light? If so, how it performs? Also DOF is comparable to the 12-35 on a "bigger" m4/3 or more like a 1" sensor?
  10. The soft says it's ON. I'm not sure how to find out about the kext security feature, I've read the Cindori link, but I'm not sure how to proceed and don't want to risk anything as I'm working on some projects right now. :S
  11. Just a heads up regarding TRIM, I'm using TRIM Enabler on my Samsung SSD and I'm typing from my MBP running Yosemite.
  12. I've updated from Mavericks to Yosemite thru the App Store, and it's running with no problems on my Samsung EVO SSD. If it helps I have a Macbook Pro 15inch Mid 2012 PD: I got scared when I saw the title of the post!!! Luckily everything works fine and I haven't lost any data!
  13. I thought it had that option, but anyways it's not a let down for me as is easily achievable on post. What's the overall opinion for the first users? Im eager to see more video examples!
  14. What are your thoughts on IQ specially in video mode against a let's say Nex 5n or 5r? I have the option to get any of these Nex + chinese Speed Booster for less than the asking price for the G6 (I have one pre-ordered) and I'm wondering if the bigger sensor makes much of a difference. Do you think it's a better option overall? I'm mainly interested in lowlight shooting, and portability is a plus.
  15. not yet, my dealer told me it should be out in a couple of weeks.
  16. I don't know if its unreliable but this particular comparison is not right. The G6 has a mic socket and it does 24 fps, plus 60fps for slow-motion.   I was between a d5200 and a Gh2 as the GH3 it's out of my budget,  but at the end the improvents on the G6 (better viewfinder & screen, 1080@60p, focus peaking, nfs, better DR, lower noise levels, etc...) made me preorder one! As soon as I get I will post my opinion but it does look like a nice cam, specially considering the price.
  17. Not sure if like the GH3 but it can do 60p@1080.
  18. Hi, the G6 does have a mic input. ;)
  19. I've already preordered one! They don't have the body only option so I have to stick with one of the 14-42mm lenses, is it worth it to pay 100€ plus for the X one  (motorised pancake). I've also been checking Gh2vsGh3 videos, and although there's difference in the image, I expected the Gh3 to perform much better, and apart of better dynamic range and probably not banding they were very close. Is there a way we can see a comparison between the G6 and the Gh3? Im curious to see if the dynamic range on the G6 is better than the GH2 how it compares to the Gh3, as it's half the price!
  20. I think I'll wait and get a G6, unless a cheap GH2 comes around.... But I'm used to the EVF ( I had a gh1, gh2 nex7 and 5n before) yesterday I was trying out my brothers 650D and I was really missing the EVF and mirror less functionality in general... I did not found it comfortable to use, and I was surprised by the levels of noise, much higher than what I expected. So even though I'm impressed by the images that come out of the nikon, I think the usability of the system will make me go G6. BTW I found another g6 video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=th5bv5zBDxA&feature=player_embedded
  21. Thanks for the input, I read about the pattern noise appearing at all isos is the shadows, but I couldn't see it on any of the videos I've been able to download. I'm quite impressed with the Nikon's IQ, but frankly the EVF and 1080/50-60p are really important things for me to consider (EVF more) and I've always loved the GH2 look which seems to be improved on this one, so... Also apparently the Nikon has some issues dealing with aperture in video mode... not sure what to think about it. What about the EVF on the G6? Earlier on this post I read it seems/feels smaller than the one on the GH2, is that the case? I used to have a Nex7 and absolutely loved the evf it's this one comparable? Thanks again, y'all being really helpful :)
  22. vulgatron

    d5200 hack

    Hi guys, Im looking into getting one d5200 as the video looks quite impressing, but what's this deal that you cannot change aperture while filming? With any auto lens? So how this works then? you need to prepare your shot and when you hit record there's no way to do any kind of correction? What about shutter speed and ISO, can you change them while recording? Thanks for your help!
  23. That's a great test, thanks for sharing! The G6 does look very impressing! I think probably I'll get one! just need to double check on the nikon d5200, as I think they'll be around the same price and lowlight does look very impressing as well.... oh boy, decisions, decisions... XD
  24. How's the video in lowlight? Same levels of noise as the gh2 or a bit cleaner? Is it usable iso @ 3200? Comparable to let's say a 5n in lowlight? Sorry for the questions but I'm between a Nex5n, a GH2, or put a bit more and wait to get a brand new G6!
  25. Here's a video showing the focus peaking functionality on the g6: Do you guys think is a good time to get a secondhand gh2 + a nice lens or better wait to see what happens in the end with the g6?
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