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  1. I had a chat with Philip about it the other day, his main concern is the workflow and it's a valid concern especially for the kinda fast turnaround work he does. RAW means a big investment in CF cards, raid arrays, and fast computers. I'm looking at a $10,000 investment and change to cut a RAW feature.
  2. I had to bribe them with a banana to get them off the bloody computer!
  3. Got some nice shots today with the new build. http://vimeo.com/66392958
  4. I'm officially renouncing my pro club membership and pledge my allegiance to the ML RAW fanboy club. If the Red One isn't a hot-rodded camera I don't know what is.
  5. When they developed the camera the cards were too slow, but I don't think they would have ever bothered trying, it's a consumer wannabe camera after all.
  6. Don't bother testing it against the Pannys, it blows them away. It should have the edge on the BMCC too given it has no aliasing and less noise. Rolling shutter and dynamic range will be close.
  7. Andrew did you shoot with that cheapie 1000x card? A couple of burst mode samples http://vimeo.com/66032893 http://vimeo.com/66004038
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