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  1.   Good for you! With the cash you saved you can get a larger one too.     Thanks Yellow.
  2. Poor Blanche, you guys have not answered her question at all. She's trying to find out what would be the best size "variable" ND to get for her GH3 with the view of using other lenses in the future, such as Nikons or Canons, or Samyangs or whatever... For run'n'gun docs this is a very viable solution. I'm also curious about what would be the best size to get and then use appropriate step downs. Anybody?
  3. @jasonmillard81, Of course content is paramount and any of the cameras will give you excellent results at capturing that content. It seems that you are in love with Canon's color aesthetics straight from camera. That is a valid place to make a decision from. The reality is that you can grade all of them to appear very close. There are many folks using these cameras in professional situations that are not putting their home movies and personal camera tests on Youtube or Vimeo. The camera's limits are only limited by your own.
  4. That was exactly my predicament. It all really comes down to where you want to spend the time and money. It's possible to grade the GH3 to look like the Canons with a time hit in post, or you can spend the extra cash on the 6D, the VAF filter, a loupe or monitor, and time in post to sharpen the image... Its a trade off. After having shot a couple of Doc projects on 7Ds and 5Ds I don't regret the GH3 decision at all. The GH3 is immensely more flexible in its everyday usage. Perhaps in more controlled environments such as fiction or magazine-style shoots I might prefer the 6D, especially if grad
  5. I'm brand new round here, quite like what I read on these forums. In my not very extensive research and testing I've found that the Gh3 definitely has less of a moire and aliasing issue. Of course you could always pop the somewhat expensive VAF filter into the 6D, but then it becomes a royal pain to quickly take stills, which is what these dslr type cams are so great for. So far I find the GH3 the most "useable" of the dslr type cameras. I love being able to auto-focus when shooting video by using the touch pad while keeping my eye glued to the evf. Great for run'n'gun situations without a lou
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