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  1. Clarkson is funny and all but . . . .

    Public Broadcasting stations such as BBC are not the right place for someone like Clarkson. There are guidelines for broadcasting to the general public. He probably should go to HBO or other private broadcasters. There's a reason for this. You can do anything you want in your personal life, but once you start broadcasting it to billions of people through a publicly supported medium, then that's a problem. You better say what the public wants you to say. "The Public is your boss" - weather he likes it or not. I'm sure that if 80% of his audience around the world had no problem with him, then there wouldn't be a problem. But obviously, that is not the case.


    So if you want to still make money in the (near) future, stop spreading the word about Sony and Panasonic. Stop talking about Filmconvert and explain everything to people. Stop making tutorials for everyone to see.

    Do you want a future where everyone makes as good video' as you do?


    We are making it too easy for beginners like this. We are literally raising competitors which will hunt us in the future.


    I have stopped and I ask you to do the same.


    Praise Canon! Praise pricey software. Never give any tips and tricks for free. That is how you get rich.


    Spoken like a true 1%!


    Hey! How about you compete? What a concept!!


    So you want to keep the status quo in the filming world because you are afraid of competition. Perhaps your problem is not competition, you're problem may be lack of skills! (of course I don't know your work, but judging from what you've said, you do not project much confidence in your skills) Ask anyone today if they would rather deny someone education for the fear of having them become smarter than you. I would try to think stuff through before you commit it to a post. Shameful.


    We live in the information age. The age of information sharing (The internet). Would you rather we abolish the internet? My friend, you are living in the wrong era.


    The readout speed of the sensor is astonishing if the leaked specs are to be believed. 1080p at up to 16,000. That figure is very unlikely to make it into any finished product though, as frame rate also depends on how fast frames can be handled by the image processor and video encoder.


    Don't forget the storage media controller's speed. Anything that fast will need nothing less than a SATA controller or storage to external media.

  4. I have a MacBook Pro 15-inch, Early 2011 with 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD. The SSD I swapped from the original HD - it's a 1TB Samsung 840 EVO SSD (It is so freakishly FAST! I get boot times from OFF to Desktop of about 5-7 seconds! ). Anyways, after I upgraded to Yosemite, I started having issues with the laptop's display and not long after, the laptop would not boot to AST and would get stuck on a white screen.


    Well, because I had purchased a 4-year service contract (thank god), Apple came and picked it up. It turned out that the problem was a defective logic board. Apple replaced the logic board and everything runs once again lightning quick with Yosemite and the SSD.


    Keep in mind that this is a 2011 Macbook Pro - No retina. The new Macbooks have different hardware and I wouldn't put it past Apple to twist their customer's arms to force us to upgrade software/hardware. We all remember the FCP7 to FCPX fiasco.


    I still love Macs - especially their laptops - but let's face it, on the desktop world, PCs rule - only because you can build a machine many times more powerful than a Mac for about the same price you'd pay for a mac. That's why my desktop is a PC.


    There cannot be TOO MANY CAMERAS for me! :) :)  However...


    o. The cost puts it out of the reach of most amateurs

    o. It's trying to do too much, too fast and reeks of "vanity project" for all.

    o. Commercial users will require commercial support and ML has a poor record of delivering that kind of reliability.

    o. If a 3rd party offers commercial support can they survive on just one platform, against other better capitalized providers?

    o. There are very, very few people who can/want to developer software--PERIOD.  I cannot stress this enough.  So what's the benefit to them?  In fact, it's a negative because no one wants to feel responsible for something they're uncomfortable with.  In short, VERY, VERY FEW PROFESSIONALS would use anything but a rock-solid, time-tested platform on a real shoot.


    o. What happens if a serious flaw prevents the first batch of cameras from working?  Who will pay? 

    o. Didn't Ricoh try interchangeable sensors?  Some ideas are good in theory but NEVER work in practice

    o. Why can these guys do what BM can't?  Because they'll work for free?  Because they're smarter?  Because BM is dysfunctional?   There needs to be a GOOD reason for it to be sustainable.

    o. I don't hate the camera makers (even after Panasonic wouldn't fix my GM1  :( ).  Open Source, and other social virtues can get awfully expensive and I'm not sure people will be forgiving when their $2,000 camera keeps resetting because of some shitty capacitor buried in a circuit-board.


    My opinion, they should take the money and try to create the lowest-price open-source camera, start small, and build up.  Plan for it to take 3-5 years.



    I understand what you're saying but using Magic Lantern as an example of what could go wrong with an open source project is probably misplaced. The first thing is that ML does have many problems, but ML is not the problem. The problem is the nature of the project - basically ML is a Hack, not really a development project. But why is that? Because the software/Hardware that they are deloping for is closed and Canon just will not/have not given them an ounce of help. Therefore, they have to reverse engineer everything. Most of what the ML team does is guess work and trial and error to figure out how the software/hardware works. Even so, ML has been wildly successful. So much so that AXIOM had to resort to ML's thriving community to reach their funding goals. They said that much themselves. That's what I call success. Rental houses, pro shooters as well as enthusiasts - if you own a Canon body you probably have ML running on it (Who shoots h.264 anymore?).


    If you want to use an open source project as an example, then try referencing projects such as Mysql, Mozilla and there are many more!


    It seems to me that you missed the point completely - the reason for an open source cinema camera is so that you take the guess work out of programming! . . . No guess work, no faulty software. If the hardware fails every now and then, well, Black Magic will probably understand (if you know what I mean) - that's why we have AXIOM!


    You are right about not many amateurs being able to afford it, but then again if ML was not around you couldn't afford a real cinema camera that shoots 14-bit RAW anyways. BTW, who's to say they will not make a sub-$1,000 camera - in fact I'd be willing to bet that's in the works.

  6. There is already an APS-C Speed Booster for Sony E-mount. There will never be one for the 50D unfortunately Oscar as it requires a mirrorless mount. There needs to be space between the lens and the sensor for the Speed Booster glass to fit. The mirror on a DSLR takes up that space so it's a physical impossibility to make one for Canon's APS-C DSLRs.


    :-(  . . .  Yes. I've held out for too long Andrew. It's time for a new Camera!

  7. Simple. The sigma 18-35mm covers APS-C. The speedbooster shrinks that APS-C to micro four thirds.

    Therefore the sigma + SB will only cover m43s. Using the combination on an APS-C sensor will cause vigentting. You can use the Sigma without the SB on the 50D though!


    Thanks for the explanation Ebrahim. That's sort of what I thought.


    I guess it's time to start clamoring for a APS-C version! ;-)

  8. OK glad you mention the shoulder, because I have no idea how URSA is supposed to go on there...


    The 10" flip screen is way too big to be used on the shoulder. It would be smack right in front of your face. So it is necessary to close the screen... then that blocks the control interface and 2nd screen, along with a bunch of physical buttons.


    Not ideal.


    OK it does have the saving grace of the right hand side panel and good for a second camera op whilst the shooter concentrates on getting the shot with an offset external EVF on the left.


    I thought the point was you didn't have to add any bits?




    I thought about that.


    On their website they show a picture of someone with the camera mounted on the shoulder. I found it curious that it was conveniently shot from the opposite side of the camera's LCD where you can't see where the LCD is located in relation to the operator's face. . . . I too thought the LCD is useless when the camera is shoulder mounted.

  9. For those of you who are new to Magic Lantern and are not very adept at the command line, here's a tutorial on how to merge ML RAW files without having to use the command line. This tutorial was created for the Mac, but it will also work in Windows. You'll need a hex editor and of course, a DNG extractor Utility like raw2dng, RAWMagic or raw2cdng.
    Hex Fiend Hex editor for Macintosh
    HxD Hex editor for Windows 
  10. Send some dng's to yourself with www.wetransfer.com and paste the link here. I'll have a look. Make sure you expose correctly, iso 1600 underexposed a lot is going to look bad.




    I don't think both settings will have any effect. We are shooting raw.. remember :) Definitely noise reduction is a JPG only thing. ALO I'm not sure how it works, give it a try - with and without!


    Perhaps you're right but I thought ALO and Noise reduction affected Canon's ACR RAW . . . I'll do some tests.

  11. Julian,


    I've been testing with the latest test build, but am not seeing the same low-light quality you are getting in your tests.  Am I doing something wrong or setting something wrong?  I'm getting grossness at 1600 ISO.  Is there an option or something you are changing in ML?  Thanks for your help and all of great stuff going on here!  Keep up the awesome work!


    You also want to set High ISO noise reduction to "Strong" in the Canon menus. Possibly, if you want better highlight roll-off turn on Auto lighting Optimizer . . . 'cause your now shooting RAW.

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