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  1. Brand new Canon .Price $5,00,00 Us with paypal
  2. Ready to download. http://www.samsung.com/us/support/owners/product/EV-NX1ZZZBQBUS
  3. This new metabones will improve shooting video in lowlight?
  4. Samsung releases new firmware tonight 1.31 Link :http://***URL removed***/articles/3706732844/samsung-releases-nx1-firmware-update-with-improvements-for-both-photo-and-video
  5. Samsung releases new firmware tonight 1.31 Link :http://***URL removed***/articles/3706732844/samsung-releases-nx1-firmware-update-with-improvements-for-both-photo-and-video
  6. In the movie icon you have AF shift focus with 3 options So somebody try this feature and explain the difference foe each options, Thanks.
  7. Here the link​: http://www.personal-view.com/talks/discussion/11275/samsung-nx1-1300-4k-flagman/p1
  8. Today in Mirrorless rumors I got some tidbits about two more features that Samsung plans to add on the NX1 via future firmware upgrades: 1) raw lossy compressed files (ala sony) selectable to increase buffer size and reduce file size in general. The compression has been studied to retain 95-99% of sensible information, while reducing of 15 to 30% the file size. 2) cropped 4k (along with the already existing downscaled 4k). I have no detail about when exactly the next firmware will be released but I have been told it's "very soon".
  9. Andrew I return my Olympus E-M5 Mark II last Friday, for the worse quality of the video and the ergonomics.
  10. ​My Junior technician had tested and he said yes
  11. Popular media player VLC now updated to play H.265 videos directly on MAC and PC. That means you can now play Samsung NX1 4K video footage without converting to other video formats.
  12. Andrew, when you will release a shooting guide for the Sony a7s? Thanks
  13. Again what's happen with : Stay tuned for the final part of my A7S review on Monday 8th September 2014.
  14. Now it is the time to comment the review of sony a7s Part 2 or Samsung nx1
  15. Where is your final review of son a 7s 8,10 ,15 september 2014? Thanks
  16. Me and other videographers didn't see any improvements after the firmware update so what do you think about Metabones adaptor especially the canon ef to sony e mount?
  17. Andrew we are waiting for the Sony a7s part 2? Thanks
  18. Again what do you think about stabilisation issue? Any suggestions to solve shake efects when you havno tripod with you. Anyway Andrew your post is fantastic :) Right now I am going to make test
  19. Thanks, another additional cost. Do you know if leica lens with oss are better for stabilization than sony lens with oss. I really appreciate your support and if you have tips and tricks to improve Stabilization let me know.
  20. For me another issue is the stabilization.Lens with Oss are not terrific and the only way for shoot great video is fix the camera on a tripod. We don't want to solve this problem in post with wharp in Premiere or other software. Finally the user guide miss lot of informations. I hope Andrew you will prepare a new shooter guide. Thanks
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