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  1. What kind of light do you use?  Maybe try a strong led light. I used led.
  2. Ok, Ill def keep that in mind..I'll be getting an isco soon aswell. Good to know.   As I'm using the mkiii 50 is the widest I can go... unfortunately. But we'll see may get the cropped sensors aswell or just be bother cropping it in post.   Nice set up... which camera ?
  3. I don't think there is really a big difference for a swap.. both are good lens.   really? Arnt isco's known for rack focusing? thats why they are so popular?  What take lens do you think are great (ive got the takumars, helios and thinking of getting the nikkors)?
  4.   Thanks Rob. Yeh had help with the tokinas!  I always started infinity on the primes then focus a little on the kowa...then focus the prime and then the kowa etc...But it was still a little tricky focusing both.   Which lens have you used before?
  5. Hi Guys! Hey Andrew!    Nice to finally be on EOSHD.    I'm from Sydney, Australia and this is my first post! So we'll see how this goes.    This is my first music video shot on a anamorphic lens (KOWA B&H).   Any constructive feedback, criticism, tips, advice etc or just a chat is welcome and appreciated!    Would be cool to our share knowledge and experiences from all over the world.   Hope you like the video (and hopefully the music aswell loll).   Lana Lyric - S.W.A.G.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzVw6ZcgwbM   Talk soon guys.   Ray Ayos. 
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