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  1. I recall seeing a test that showed Panasonic lens have lens correction and extra sharpening on the GH3 They taped over the len contacts and the difference was pretty evident.   I see better colour on the D7100 footage - GH3 has that pink look. And looks harder and harsher to me, more clinical/sterile That backlit shot has better DR on the D7100 to my eye   D7100 was better motion cadence IMO   All a matter of tastes I suppose
  2. D7100 vs GH3 - D7100 has the same sensor as the D5200. Gh3 has more clinical detail, Nikon has nicer colours, cadence and dynamic range Since kit lenses are used here, it is most likely the GH3 lens has additional sharpening and processing as we know :)   http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=oIdJBip3-6s
  3. The conversion results in this video are better than what I have done in my own tests...   https://vimeo.com/5373927
  4. A little comparison between the SLR magic and Voigtlander   My eyes like the SLR magic better B)   http://vimeo.com/60901587
  5. D5200 does suffer from fixed pattern banded noise in the shadows, especially if you use a flat profile
  6. Well more even spacing between the frames. Dropped frames are not exactly at the proper spacing interval going from 60 to 24p hence whey it looks stuttery and off course the motion blur and cadence is uneven
  7. Here is the Fujian 25mm, full sensor vs ETC crop mode vs the 14-42mm kit lens set at 25mm in ETC mode as well You get rid of all the funny stuff on the edges and swirly bokeh   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nk-XF3c9fuQ  
  8. You can turn on ETC mode on the Gh2, and make it a smaller chip camera, so no more vignetting and funky bokeh in the corners. Also much less jello as well :) And no aliasing/moire since no scaling is being used in this mode I shot some outdoor ETC tests with the Fujian 25mm, I'll post it up later, looks very good! Although the lens becomes a 110mm in full frame terms. Putting the Gh2 in Aperture priority mode worked well, even if the Fujian is a manual lens. So that the GH2 adjusted shutter speeds as I opened/closed the aperture to keep constant exposure. Allowed me to increase/decrease the depth of field as an effect Vignetting on these lens are more solid at smaller F stops
  9. Only Andrew has all 3 :) Andrew did mention more aliasing in 720p Why not have both the RX100 and D5200 or other camera? RX100 for when you need small and discrete, and bigger cam for absolute quality and high ISO performance, plus better lenses
  10. Also it does 50/60fps but only at 720p More raw clips for download here vimeo.com/happycanvas/videos
  11. He probably used the inbuilt neutral profile which is about 10+ stops of dynamic range. The various Flaat profiles go up to about 11+ stops. From what I know the GH2 has 6-8stops, and GH3 is a 1 maybe 2 stops better I would say the D5200 trounces the RX100 on dynamic range and high ISO low light performance. D5200 is pretty clean up to 6400 ISO, thanks to the better and much larger sensor. RX100 has a pretty good stabilizer in active mode, which I don't think any of the Nikon VR2 lens can match, but I could be wrong :) D5200 has a fairly cinematic/filmic look to it's video output. Thanks to it's very low levels of aliasing and moire, and smoothness. Better resolving ability and codec than the RX100 as far as artifacting goes. RX100 has an advantage with jello, but can get quite a lot more aliasing. Haven't noticed too much moire though. Looks more electronic and video too me straight out of the camera Download this guys original clip on Mediafire and look how smooth and organic the video looks http://www.mediafire.com/?o7zuu3knf942mdb http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHrbRw2okFo
  12. D5200 dynamic range is pretty good   Nikon D5200 + Nikkor 14-24 2.8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcHIhR7Sw3c
  13. Sample X100s video at the bottom of this page - 1080 30p http://www.photographyblog.com/reviews/fujifilm_x100s_review/sample_images/   Aliasing and moire galore! Jello too :)
  14. First look at the video mode of the X20 and X100s Jump to 8:00 mark Only 60p at 1080 and no manual controls for the X20. Does do 480p at 80fps, and 320x240@150fps and 320x112@250fps X100s gets 1080 60p 30p and manual controls - sample footage looked good, very colourful :)   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kw_H-fH-Fuo
  15. Maybe the D5200? It's quite a bit cheaper and can certainly do 10-11+ stops of dynamic range with some of the profiles out there, that you can load into it. Just about on par with the BMCC in prores   S35 sized sensor, so it's even larger than the GH3   Rx100 has more dynamic range than my GH2, subjectively, and GH3 has a smidge more than the GH2 from reports, but not a lot more
  16. I recently got the Fujian 25, F1.4 C mount lens which is similar to the above, you do get vignetting at f2.0 and above $38 or so from Ebay with micro 4/3 adapter and 3 macro rings - from Mxcamera. he also sells Wesley, but he just sold out a batch. Has swirly bokeh and is very bloom/flare prone - even light from a monitor will cause it to flare! :) And specular highlights will flare - so it does get a dreamy look Only the centre of the lens is sharp, but in a way it isolates subjects well because of this.   It's a true f1.4, a bit brighter than the Wesley f1.4, which is closer to a real f1.8 Wesley does not have the swirly bokeh effect though   It can get pretty clean wide open with manual ISO 500-640 for a normal lit room at night. Gets noisey with auto ISO for some reason, even during the day.   see my demo test of it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B-ORWR_pio   night room lighting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQes0xG5oK0&feature=youtu.be What I said about it    
  17. I’m not sure of saturation at -1 for Portrait mode, which is already more saturated than standard mode. I’ve done a few tests here and saturation at -2, even at night/high ISO looks much more natural, less blown out reds/orange etc Thanks, but it sure is slow! I wonder if using something like Twixtor to slow it down to 24p might be better?
  18. Well I do think the RX100 looks more videoy than the GH2 - I own both. GH2 tends to look pretty cinematic out of the BOX IMO - with the Nebula v7 444 Matrix, soft and sharp2 hack, even with the kit 14-42mm lens :)   I did this as a test on the RX100, and I think it looks pretty cinematic Used portrait mode, all settings to minimum -3, in 60p mode, then graded in Vegas and conformed to 24p, some of it as 40% speed slow mo - the parts in normal speed look a bit jerky due to super fast shutter speeds and skipped frames. It was in Aperture priority mode F1.8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huQx_v9NdBo     Been thinking of grabbing the PAL version.....
  19. I would use the 30p 1 second burst in slower moe to 24p, so that helps a bit :)
  20. Great for music video clips - it force/makes it easy to take a lot of little cuts :P
  21. http://***URL removed***/articles/6531373190/interview-tetsuya-yamamoto-of-nikon
  22.   Well it does something - the backlight icon flashed when I was shooting the dawn sky Still haven't gotten around to doing the videos, but here are some screen caps   SAM top - they sure look different, taken 1minute apart click to expand
  23. I took a video of a dawn sky today - one in Shutter priority, in Portrait profile and custom settings - usually looks the best from my own tests And another video in Superior Auto mode.   The SAM video look way better - not sure what the RX100 is doing, but the whole scene was better lit.... I have DRO on 2 in my custom settings, so it's not that :)   I'll post a  comparison later
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