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  1. This is amazing. But to be honest, even if they can (and i hope so) capture 24 fps on cards, it will take a LOT of space, you will need a LOT of very expensive cards (the fastest ones) and maybe cant even record enough for doing anything... Sorry for been so pessimist.   Maybe this discovery will be more useful if they find a way to make the camera process the raw image in a better way and compress it in a video file with better quality than the actual way is doing.   I hope they find something amazing soon.
  2. Very nice review Andrew! I know it doesn't have nothing to do with this article but, is there any review coming or something about the new Nikon D7100? I´ll like to know how it compare to the D5200 or a 5D mk3. Thanks for everything!
  3. Thanks for your answer.   I actually been using film convert on my 5d mk2. Awesome results!   The point of my dilemma its that I'm really tired of the moire/aliasing issues on my 5D and I'm searching for a replacement (one that i can afford) and not to be losing IQ on the process.    Thanks.
  4. I'm getting very interested on this camera. How do you rate it in comparison over a 5d mkII (as a replacement)?   Also, are you planing on a Day light shoot out comparing it against a 5d mk3 or gh3?   Thanks Andrew!
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