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  1. Good post as usual. Steve McCurry's interview is interesting, but his images are too much post-processed to be technically informative.
  2. Might be a good time to change the website name from "eoshd.com" to "anythingelse4K6K8K.com"
  3. Thanks a lot for sharing the survey link. This is a great opportunity. I own a JVC LS-300 and I love it. A better quality camera of that type with a better screen and (very important) a simpler and more logical menu would be a great and unique C4K camera with XLR, BNC, internal ND filter... The association of a S35 sensor with M43 mount is an amazing feature, as I discovered that many M43 lenses are able (or almost able) to cover the S35 sensor size, widening everything... Voigtlander 17.5 mm, 25 mm and Panasonic 42.5 mm f/1.2 are among them And with a speedbooster and FX len
  4. For anything related to filmmaking equipment, eoshd is the place I am visiting, I also like News Shooter and for photography, cameralabs is doing a great job as reviewers. Tony & Chelsea are sitting nowhere since I had seen them, in one of their video, holding the camera body only, instead of the huge lens (600 mm f/5.6) attached to it. Absolutely NO professional relying on their equipment to make a living would do such a destructive move. I am working with a GH5, which is a fantastic camera, and I am using it with manual lenses (speed booster + Nikon AIS or Voigtlander) for fic
  5. I just wonder how much heat thoses new sensors are going to produce with such a busy life inside tight bodies.
  6. @Mokara Your comment is according the book, an illusion. Fact is that election campaign success depends on money and media propaganda for the mass. Who is having both? Lobbies. And they get enough power to force leader decision (once elected with promise they never fulfill) or to position their own pawn on the political's chessboard (more efficient). Macron election in France is the perfect example. At the end, we are having no choice except voting for "plague" or "cholera" once every 5 years. There is nothing democratic in the system, it is plutocratic: A minority get the money and they
  7. Thanks a lot for that information I had seen nowhere else. Sorry, I do not want to be too political, but this new project of law is just a sample of Europe way of dealing with its population: unadapted, against our will and destructive (for freedom and creation). Brexit is a great opportunity to leave the Titanic before hitting the iceberg. How lucky you are to not depends on the Euro ! Switzerland is doing well with Europe being an outsider. Why not UK? This Europe was wrongly designed for us. It is a bureaucratic monster that benefits to lobbies and costs a lot while forcing e
  8. Sure, with a series of fast prime lenses, it is possible to achieve that "Full Frame" look on M43 sensor, but the big advantage of FX is that you can get almost everything in 1 single zoom lens such as a 24-70 mm f/2.8, which offer a nice combination of traditional field of views: 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm. On M43 you will need to own and change several prime lenses to get that package, such as : 12 mm f/1.4 + 14 mm f/1.4 + 17.5 mm f/1.4 + 25 mm f/1.4. If for video, I prefer the overall package offered by Panasonic (GH series), for photography I prefer to use my Nikon D750 with a 24-70
  9. @Kisaha Thanks for your comment. Music was composed by a great guitarist who is from that area in France. Bretagne is a big part of Celtic world, full of history and legend. Bretagne is, for example, the land of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Concerning your question I used the JVC at a max of ISO1600 and got no problem with noise, as I am always setting lights for my indoor shot and I also get a great range of lenses with a wide aperture when needed. @Anaconda_ I am using this ND filter trick as well, but still, I have to use this terrible knob to get the right e
  10. Here is a project I mainly shot on JVC-LS300 camera in LOG mode. The only limitation with Log mode is losing the possibility to quickly adjust the exposure by pointing the camera at something average and pressing the "auto" button once to get a starting point close to the exact exposure. Sometimes that limitation slows down a bit the process while switching from indoor to outdoor shots using Lumix lens as the aperture knob on the camera is not precise and not easy to handle. B cameras were Panasonic G85, GH3, and GH4
  11. I think you might be interested to discover those 2 videos One is the trailer, one is the complete making of IF you like car chase, stunt and exciting stuff, you should have a look It is a remake of Fast and Furious made in China by the usual stunt team of Fast and furious 4 month shooting near Shanghai and I directed, edited and partly shot this Making of. Enjoy; Streets of Fury Trailer http://vimeo.com/98703764 Streets of Fury Making Of http://vimeo.com/97801113
  12. Hi Andrew, Very nice video and great topic, as usual. I think you offer the most mature and open minded approach in DSLR filmmaking web forum. Highly appreciated! After years of work with the HVX200 + Letus Ultimate + Nikon lenses (a heavy combination to get a “cinematic†look (see here
  13. You are very welcome Andrew I am a long time reader of your forum and I appreciate the effort and enthusiam, you are putting in it, but I never had the time to get into it and post. As you needed some information about Nikon, I found it was the right time to give it a start. For everyone new to Nikon, some of the f2.8 manual prime lenses are affordable, you get it cheap in 24, 28, 35 and 135mm range. You also get a 16mm (fish eyes, very limitative use) a great 20mm and an amazing 180mm. Both are quit expensive. AIS are manual lenses, AFD are autofocus lenses with aperture ring (autofo
  14. Thanks for this quick test Andrew. Concerning lenses: I am using Nikon camera since 25 years and I am currently shooting on a D800 with many other brand than Nikon lens: - Contax Zeiss (usually YC = Yashica Contax mount) modified to F mount are working perfectly with no vignette and they focus up to infinity. The whole Focus range is perfectly accurate. Contax are expensive glass, but Yashica are very cheap. - M42 lens such as Pentacon 50mm f1.8, 135mm f2.8 and 200f4. No vignette, and all goes to infinity, except the 50mm. There is 2 types of adapter, with or without corrective lens
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