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  1. Yes, and this time you need to go to http://www.logmar.dk/ and get one of those beta Super 8 cameras for $3500 and uh, put that one in the mix. Now that's it almost ready to ship it's gonna blow that Alexa away! Seriously though, I love film and am on the fence about either buying or renting a Bolex 16mm for an upcoming project even if my Pocket makes it to me in time since I'm interested in shooting with both as a sort of work flow/cost test. I thought Pro8mm's Anniversary Beaulieu in Candy Red at $2500 was....niche but a interesting stance of sorts. I've even thought about sending in my Canon 814 to those guys for the $495 rebuild/upgrade. But the idea of putting out a Super 8 camera in 2014 with a list of $5500 and offering the beta testing units for $3500 is....well, seems to me even beyond Impossible Project territory. Good for them though. When I first heard about I was even mildly interested but not at that price point. For that kind of money I could rig up a Black Magic camera with accessories and a nice lens......
  2. Good for you! I ordered mine on the 17th and just got an email from B&H saying that they have not received any stock from BM nor have a date when they will but will let me know. I'm bummed because I'm flying out for a project in early September and had hoped to get the camera sooner rather than later to make sure that everything is okay with it and that I have the requisite accessories. I've been holding off because I was worried about a supply debacle (remember the disaster when the Cinema camera first came out?) and if the camera doesn't make it I may have to invest in other supplies to shoot for that project. Fingers crossed!
  3. I don't like the Apple Thunderbolt displays because it's like looking into a mirror. I tried some of the well regarded Dell's last year when I had a project that necessitated I replace my monitor. I ended up with an NEC which I got on sale so it ended up being cheaper than the Apple display. My only gripe was that after purchasing it I found that I needed the NEC calibration tool as it didn't support my Colormunki. So that added another $250 to the price which made it more expensive than the Apple at that point. But it's a great monitor. If I were going to do it now I would check out the HP Dreamcolor Z27x which Black Magic recommends for Resolve. But it's more than either the NEC or the Apple.
  4. After watching that video on how to modify the current 8mm I think I'll be waiting for these to come out!
  5. Because of the confusion surround the Pocket sale I'm not buying the reducer until I have the Pocket in hand. It's one of those things where I ordered early enough and if anyone's getting a gigantic backorder of cameras it's B&H but I'm still playing it safe. I couldn't resist though and did buy a 12.5mm C mount lens (A Meopta Largor) but I figure if I don't get a Pocket I may go ahead and get a Bolex so that lens will be usable elsewhere.
  6. That looks good! Thanks for the shots! I think I'll order me up one of those when my Pocket gets here. Hopefully soon but I missed B&H's stock on hand and have fingers crossed on the wait. I have 28mm, 50mm, 85mm and 135mm Pentax k lenses. I'll still need a wide angle of some sort but for the rest of the range I should be set.
  7. In the shot you took it's hard to see detail too well but it looks a little soft with the reducer in place. So that's what I was looking at. Perhaps something in brighter light with details?
  8. At $495 let 'em come out with a new one. I'd want to let a new one simmer and season for a year to get the bugs out before I jump on that bandwagon. Also if they announce in September god knows when you'll see it. BM aren't exactly known for delivering on announced dates. I'm just hoping I get the back-ordered one I ordered from B&H.
  9. Thanks for the thumbnails. Since I just pulled the trigger on the Black Magic Pocket at the new price today I'm now looking at this item since I have several k mount lenses. How's the performance overall?
  10. fuzzy - Great post! I was shopping for something recently and liked the BMPCC because it seems to get a really nice image (I rented one and liked both RAW and Prores) and is very small and simple. But then I get caught up in the "4k! Full Frame! New features! Last months features are old hat! Upcoming even newer stuff!!!" hoopla. After viewing the Kendy Ty stuff I finally decided to just shoot with my NEX 5R and work with software until I really need to move up. I figure by then we'll be in a whole new cycle of technical whatsis. But posts like yours reaffirm that developing the vision should drive the equipment.
  11. And you do the hokey pokey and shake your credit card around, that's what technology's all about!
  12. Thought the Pocket looks good here, I've shot with it and it definitely has rolling shutter issues of it's own. The Digital Bolex has one of the best looking images I've seen without that issue but it has other major issues to contend with. As FilmBrute points out, you need a camera that doesn't have low light problems.
  13. This sounds cool since I have several k mount lenses......let us know how this goes. I've been on the fence on getting the BMPCC since I've been adding up the "associated costs" (metabones/lenses etc) but if this adapter works well I would be more inclined to go for it if for an extra $140 I could use my existing Pentax lenses....with better crop factor that is....
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