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  1. That looked great, thx for making me doubt again.
  2. Thx for the info, I understand what you are saying, I"m sure I could find a use for the em5 in my current workflow and that's for paid assignments but I need to be sure it doesn't look like crap when mixed with my gh3/4, I intend to only use the camera with a 25, 45 and 75mm f1.4 to f1.8 lenses and shoot wide open, specifically talking heads while shooting handheld which now requires a monopod on my gh3 that I would like to get rid of. Moire should not be an issue in these cases. For wide angle shots I'll use other camera's. Maybe it's better to just order the thing and if it's really that bad sell it quickly again which I think shouldn't be much of a problem, I"ll loose a bit but since I can deduct the saletax the loss will be minimum.
  3. @ fuzzynormal: I understand that everyone has their own opinion about what is acceptable in IQ but I was referring more to the images in Andrew's post with framegrabs from a EM1 and the EM5II where the EM1 shows the detail and where the EM5II makes a muddy blurry mess of it, if this is what he saw and if Kotlos kotlos, who appears to have the em1 as well? claims the exact opposite, so what's gong on here then?
  4. ​Can I ask you if you have the em5 mark I or em1 to compare the em5II with?
  5. What I have seen so far doesn't look very promising but i have seen a few videos now that make me doubt again, I take it you have a gh2 and a em5 II? Could I ask if you could find the time to make a side by side comparison so it becomes more clear how big the differences actually are? The problem is there is to many conflicting info, like Andrew saying and showing it's worse then the EM1 while some other users who appear to have the camera's as well claim the opposite, this is getting very confusing.
  6. I find it unbelievable that they would shutdown one of the most popular awarded show on the planet that has been running for over 10 years just because of a simple fight or about some remarks he has made, they should have settled this behind closed doors, maybe let him present a few shows without getting payed or whatever to make clear this is not acceptable behavior. A year back there was a show in my country presented by a comedian which was a contest to find the next best standup comedian, something like those "got talent" shows and at the end of the first show there was a "coming up next" part where they would show the highlights of the next show and you saw the presenter having a verbal fight with one of the contestants and there even was some pushing going on. The following week it was in the papers, people where talking about it online and once that second show started that particular part was not shown, it appeared to a publicity stunt and their idea of comedy. I only wished this was the case with top gear as well. I would hate to see it disappearing over this incident, I could understand if one of the presenters would have died but not now.
  7. ​I have a gh3 and gh4 and really, really wanted to have a EM5 or 1 only because of their IBIS because it would make my life so much easier but have been holding off on the mark I as it wasn't PAL capable and because the codec seriously sucked. I was ecstatic to see Olympus finally addressed the codec issues, made it usable in PAL countries and even improved on the IBIS, a dream come true, until I saw the first images and framegrabs appear and I got even less enthusiastic to read they also crippled basic operation functions on this camera. I"m sure if they could give this camera a GH3 like image and allow manual control with the actual dials on the camera while shooting, they'd sell a boatload of these but for one or the other mysterious reason they deliberately have been crippling the camera in the past, like with withholding the PAL codecs, or now by delivering an image that looks like what my first dslr, a 550d would produce. My finger has been on the order button the past time but the more I read and see then more I doubt this camera would work when mixing into my gh3/4 workflow and it looks like a difficult camera to operate in a run and gun situation. Maybe Olympus has all the right stuff reserved for the EM1, I really, really hope so
  8. ​I would call you a spammer if you where only in it for the profit. This is not the case now so don't let anyone stop you from sharing your art the way you want. If you would get upset by all these trolls that can safely insult people from behind their computer you better stop living.
  9. Is that "bashing" comment directed to me? If so that was not the intention, I just wanted to know how long it would take to make a change while shooting video. I often come across a situation where I need to adjust either the iso or the f-stop on the fly, I can live with a few seconds of time to make that adjustment and from what I understand that should be possible so that's good to know.
  10. Can I ask how many menu option you need to press on the lcd screen before the aperture option appears? Im" just trying to get a idea how much time it would take if you have to adjust the f-stop while shooting video, so from the moment you have to go into the lcd menu, make selections there until you have the aperture setting, press the buttons on the back of the camera to change the aperture and then press ok to confirm. Right now with all dslr's it's just a matter of turning the small dial on top of the camera which is practically instant, would it be a good guess if I would say it takes at least 10 seconds before you have changed the f-stop or iso?
  11. Once you start moving the Nebula will be a lot better then the EM5II, IBIS is not a replacement for steadycam shots.
  12. ​I thought it was not possible to adjust the exposure while shooting video with the dials on the camera, unless you went through the lcdscreen menu system to make adjustments?
  13. ​I just downloaded escape, the original file, from vimeo and to be honest, it doesn't look like the "bordering on crap videoquality" as Andres described. I see a clear resemblance to what my GH3 would output, I did see some aliasing here and there and some samples from cameralabs show this camera does have issues with fine detail, but it's nowhere near as bad as my canon 550d dealt with moire and aliasing, but still, that could be better. What I do wonder is if the negative IQ Andrew saw is because of the stabilization mode he was shooting in? I read you can turn the IS either off or choose between 2 different types of stabilization, one being sensor stabilization only and the second adds some additional stabilization by zooming in or cropping extra on the sensor which might explain the extra crop and the softer image Andrew saw? Robin Wong also did a quick EM1 vs EM5 II resolution test and his findings are again teh opposite from Andrews + a few framegrabs actually show a better image in favor of the EM5. I think what Andrew has seen is comparable to some kind of digital zoom where the camera zooms extra in on the image to improve even further on the image stabilization but like I have seen with a nex-ea50 was that the digital zoom made the image softer and increased the moire and aliasing considerably. my guess is he just chose the wrong IS setting?
  14. Maybe the size of the foam inserts fit into standard size cages, if I was planning to sell all my panasonic gear to switch brands, I certainly would be interested in this, it's 800 dollar profit and it's a kit that can get you started.
  15. ​oops, sorry, thx for correcting, I"m Dutch so it's not always easy to find the right phrases. (Not even sure if "phrase" is the right word either but I think you know what I mean ) also about your comment: Now let's address the mistake of the other English language drop-out Not anyone on this forum is native English speaking. It's good that you correct but try to say it a bit more nicely.
  16. Well, many self acclaimed wedding "cinematographers" claim they are telling the story of a wedding day, so it's storytelling, therefore, cinematography, no? But your right, a wedding is just an event, but good wedding shooters can make it look like "cinema" and that sells better then saying you are a videographer, especially if you charge 10K+ for one wedding. There are only a few that I feel did deserve the title of cinematographer which was Still-Motion and pacific pictures with their "City of Lakes" below. Still-Motion didn't want to be called videographers, they insisted on being called cinematographers as they did tell the story of a couple. Are they worthy of that title? Who cares, it's just a word. To be a bit on topic, the 1DC is being used by some very known wedding "cinematographers", so just by having that camera they also deserve the title
  17. About the EM5 II IBIS, as I understand it will work on about any lens but does IBIS also work with zoomlenses? If I would add a Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 with a speedbooster, would the IBIS be effective as well?
  18. Yes, I know you can't make gradual changes but in my kind of work I often need to make fast and small changes in either iso or f-stop as there is a lot of run and gun involved but I cut those changes out in the edit, a nd filter will work but becomes a issue when shooting inside a darker place. It's that 5 axis stabilization I have been craving for a long time as that would make my work a lot easier, I had plans on getting a 42.5mm f1.2 Nocticron but for less money I could get a em5 and a 45MM F/1.8, optically not so good but just the thought I could shoot that combo handheld is too good to be true. If only I could control exposure in a better way , guess it either will be waiting for a firmware-upgrade or the EM1. But it's good to see Olympus is finally taking a step in the right (video) direction.
  19. One of the main reasons I didn't get a em5 or em1 was they didn't have pal framerates, now the em5 does but thanks John's excellent article I"m finding out you can't change exposure using the dials while shooting, unless you dive into the touchscreen menu which makes it a dealbreaker to me, I just found out that you also couldn't change the exposure on the previous em5 while shooting video em5 but it was possible on the em1? If that is the case that might be a sign Olympus will be reserving that "privilege" for the em1 again, I do hope they add it to the em5, that's a basic function I couldn't do without, especially because I own a few Olympus lenses.
  20. 25p? Finally! I have been holding of a em5/1 purchase just because the non pal framerates, would love to be able to shoot handheld with my Olympus primes, now I just will wait a bit longer to see what they plan on doing with the EM1.
  21. One thing needs to be said about Samsung, they sure seem to listen to usercomplaints and provide fixes fast, they probably have learned from Blackmagic how not to do it.
  22. Why not? There always will be something better at the horizon, just use what you have now and make the best of it, if you are afraid about what comes next you might be waiting all your life for that perfect camera. Also camerabodies are not a long term investment, most people buy new bodies every 3 year or so, what I do find important is what lenses you get as that can tie you into a certain system, I have many m4/3 lenses and I know that will limit me to m4/3 camera's only but I don't mind as it works for my purpose but if you want to be able to choose a different brand you need to invest in the right glass and that's something that will be with you for many years to come.
  23. They say that ​Ignorance is bliss, if you don't know what's new you always will be happy with what you have
  24. With Sony you never know, they breed like rabbits but in the end you can't wait forever, if you are planning to get the a7s tomorrow and it does what you expect from it just start using it and don't visit the internet anymore so you won't be disappointed if the a7sII is announced in 2 days.
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