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  1. If you want my honest opinion, the IQ your em1 produces in these circumstances looks great. That money you would spend on a c100 or a7s incl lenses would be better spend on some fast glass and a speedbooster, maybe get a video crane as well to make some cool moves or shoot from angles that would be impossible from a tripod.
  2. Was the em1 used to shoot this clip?
  3. I take it since it is your studio you do have control over the lights? That might lead to the question if you need a c100/a7s for their very low-light sensitivity if you can add lights to shoot with a EM1, also how important is shooting handheld or do you always shoot from a tripod? You are looking at a big investment if you go the Sony or Canon route since you don't have any lenses that would fit either one of them. If very low light is not the primary goal, why don't you get a gh4 instead? Or even a GH3 combined with a lens, they are selling cheap now.
  4. 5000 pounds would have been a good price if that was for a new 1DC, it's twice as expensive as a 1DX, are the implemented videofeatures costing Canon 5000 pounds extra? I don't think so.
  5. Just what I thought, you talk better then you shoot Show us what nice things you do on your camera. I know Andrew will do soon enough. maybe show something from that 12K you made from your first 1DC job you did, I"m curious, really. I"ll take my hat off if you shoot as well as you can talk.
  6. Or you can buy yourself a 1DC and call yourself a pro, that might work to Maybe show a littlebit of what you do, talk is cheap.
  7. You don't need to, just hire whatever camera your project needs, nearby my place there is a rental house, 350 euro for a Sony PMW-F55 body which is just one of the many high end videocamera's they have available, if you need to impress your clients and expand your business you might buy a "cheap" camera like a 1DC that you might use for your personal projects and some paid ones but every project will have different needs and just having one 1DC in your gearbag might result in not getting a high paying job depending on the clients needs. A real "professional" doesn't buy a camera like a 1DC which is crippled in video functionality like any other canon DSLR, they rent a real videocamera so they always have the best gear money can buy at any moment in time.
  8. Do you mean the gh2 and g6 have better videoquality then the d5300? What makes you conclude that? Moire and aliasing are unfortunately still present on many camera's in the lower price range in 2015.
  9. There is a review here about the a7 II http://www.eoshd.com/2014/11/sony-a7-ii-review-5-axis-stabilisation-video-mode/ From the examples I have seen it's internal stabilization is not that good at all and it suffers from moire. I think you are asking for a camera that doesn't exist if you only are spending 1100 dollar incl lens, you seem to want very good quality for video and photo with good photo and video functionality but what can you expect for that price? I"m not sure how the d5300 performs with photo's but from many samples I have seen it's a very good videocamera + it will fit in your budget.
  10. I don't disagree with the order of your top 5 but I do with the price you continue to mention of a second hand 1Dc and using that as an argument to have it on the top of your list as well, that's not a 5K camera, it still is a 12000 dollar camera. That's the same like waiting a few years and to buy a used gh4 for 500 dollar and comparing it against 200 dollar camera's and then saying it's the best camera money can buy or buying a old Alexa camera and saying it's better then a new 1DC. The 1Dc is on top of your list just because you where able to buy it second hand, if that was not the case the a7s would be on top of your list and you still would be trashing the 1DC and adding points to your top 25 list why the a7s is a better camera. It now looks more you are trying to justify your purchase. As I see it "new" price should be taken into consideration as well when comparing camera's and then the 1DC doesn't even belong on that list and should be compared to camera's in the same price range.
  11. Remember that vimeo transcodes to 720p as standard and while there is a way to change that to 1080p the softness you are seeing could because you are looking at a downscaled 720p version. Also moire can appear after downscaling and depending how you view it, I have had people commenting they saw moire in my videos on vimeo while it appeared there weren't looking full screen. Also on my laptop which has a lower rez screen my videos don't look as good as on my larger pc screen.
  12. It doesn't look like a special lens, they probably held a piece of glass in front on the lens which can create that kind of effect
  13. ​I only said that because you where making assumptions on the codec's strength based on a youtube video, these videos can give you a totally wrong impression because of delivery bitrate or user experience.
  14. You are looking at videos after youtube compressed them + you never know at what bitrate they where delivery to youtube so anything that looks like codec break up might be a cause of that. Never judge a camera based on a youtube or vimeo video, always try to get a hold of native footage straight from the card.
  15. Actually, Shane says to do the tests yourself and not just take anyone else's word for it, to find your own style, your emulsion of choice. He summarizes it best with this sentence: "One person’s compression might be another person’s digital grain." Especially on this blog everyone has an opinion and at a certain point you need to make a choice, get a camera and like Shane also says "find a way to show the pros in the camera that you discover, not the ones that others find and to just hide the cons. I find there is a lot of truth in his words, based on my own experience, everyone wants to have the perfect camera but that doesn't exist, it's you who has to make it look perfect so in that sense I can relate to what Fuzzynormal said.
  16. In Belgium the c100 is allready is being sold at 3900 euro (that incl 21% tax) for the mark I, 4180 euro for the mark I incl dual pixel autofocus and 5000 euro for the mark II
  17. Well this blog IS heavily opinion based, just look at the 1DC dynamic range discussion vs the A7s, everyone has a different opinion about which camera has more DR. Andrew would be better off just to go outside and shoot something pretty with his 1DC so we can stop pixelpeeping.
  18. ​That kind of exposure shift has nothing to do with optics, there is something else going on and the camera is doing something it's not supposed to, maybe it's lens related, who knows but if I where you I'd send the camera back as long as you are able to.
  19. The camera is clearly either adjusting shutter or iso, when you see the exposure shift, what are the settings on your camera screen show, do you see a change in any value like shutter or iso?
  20. I"ve got a sachtler ace m, great tripod for the price.
  21. I wonder if that's right, they also have the c300 ef mount on sale for 10560 pound and the c500 with pl mount is 16000. Can't believe they are selling the c500 with ef mount cheaper then the c300 unless it's second hand?
  22. ​Why would you limit yourself to 1080p raw when you can have 4K raw out of a c500, who in their right mind would ever go back to 1080p raw? Canon has it all, you just need to pick up the right (second hand) model. Ever since the 5D II has set the path for larg(er) sensor videocamera's cameracompanies have been screwing us over and Canon has been the leader of the pack, it used to be simple back in the dv and hdv day's, the difference between camera's was almost always in functionality and for that you paid extra, image quality was not crippled in any way. Large sensor camera's have been a goldmine for videocamera manufacturers. I think we have no reason to complain though, so many choices, never perfect but good enough for most of us, I don't need the ML team to express myself artistically in a better way,
  23. You have to be a bit realistic, you are talking about a camera only a very small percentage of "artists" can afford, do you really think Canon is going to provide them a service? Canon is in the game to make money and their strategy is simple, if you want to play with the big boys you better pay up. ​Careful for who? you? I"m not belittling the ML group, I applaud them for giving people that don't have the cash to buy the big toys a way to use their camera's in a way they are intended to, but once you start talking about 10k+ camera you enter a group of buyers that don't need hacks, why would the ML team hack such camera's, spend months of coding work for a very limited group that has the budget to buy these camera's. Their time is much better spend on those thousand of other buyers of cheaper camera's.
  24. ​Indeed it doesn't, the price of a 1dc is so high it's only used by professionals who make a living out of it and they have more demanding clients, they don't need a hacked camera that can be unreliable on a shoot. The only camera's that are being hacked are the ones hobbyists and semi-professionals can afford, they don't mind to serve as testpersons to try out each new free hack version, even if it damages their camera, rather then coughing up 10K+ for something that has it all.
  25. ​You said before that the 1D C with so many missing video features make it a pain to use while the A7S is much better. Does this mean you are changing your mind then? When you made your 1dc vs a7s list I believe it was only based on specifications, not on real life use, unless you allready had the a7s back then, it only shows that specification don't say much until you start using it in the field. I guess you need to be updating your 25 point list article soon. An interesting article on user experience is from stillmotion where canon was so nice to lend them the prototype 1DC to shoot a commercial: http://stillmotionblog.com/canon-1dc/
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