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  1. Hi, Been trying to find more info re this lens such as source, availability, cost, etc. which is proving difficult. I did find an email on facebook and have tried that (waiting for response). In the meantime, I was wondering if you could help with this. Would greatly appreciate any info on lens, contact info, etc. Also was wondering if you have continued to work with the lens and, if so, are you still satisfied? Thanks, Regards, Al
  2. No, 4K is not worth it. In fact, digital projection is a disaster and I believe the only reason the movie industry gets away with such inferior quality is because people don't care about it and, of course, there's no competition to the media. Every movie I've seen -including Skyfall - at AMC which blasts its Sony 4K notification at the start - suffers from color loss, brightness loss and poor dynamic range (Xiong's bulb turned down??). I do far better on my cheap Mits projection screen with an old Cinemascope production (viewing distance??). There's a reason why this particular form of entertainment is - or was - called the dream factory and that's because the medium's "limitations" were a way to present a story that, even in its most "realistic" tone, still had a dreamy, not of the day-to-day reality quality. That is simply not there with digital anything because neither of the ???'s or any of the new limitations, were an issue "back in the day". Without significant change in this current situation, the digital madness at theatres will only accelerate the advent of the home theatre as more people finally realize that the price they're paying for non-quality isn't a value proposition. And, with an aging population, that's a more serious problem that it might seem.
  3. Nice review with much information. Definitely looking forward to the GH3 comparison. One note: review had a bit too much appleness in it which consequently left it less than platform agnostic.
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