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  1. 4k 400mbps is lie or clic bait from initial advertisements 4k 60fps is 8bit in year 2017 2k 240fps is cropped with 8bit in year 2017 5.7k resolution is God knows when upgrade and not internal 2500 ISO max usable No Autofocus How cool is it for calling 7500/- cheap! I think after canon, Panasonic started smoking same shit in my opinion. Overall its a marketing gimmick in year 2017.
  2. Sony fs5 is a bummber from the beginnng from the day one why cry now
  3. Sir, I am comparing this camera with Ursamini due to RAW codec. yes it has good auto focusing, great color out of the box. But there is no 10bit codec internally which is more important than having Light RAW for me. All this can be achived under 5k with Gh5+atomos. Offering Duel pixel focus is the only new thing this segment. For me its not worth paying 2 or 3 grand extra just for Auto focus and never used Video autofocsing for any job by far. I am neither sides panasonc or canon. I just feel its not worth it. I agree for some of the photgraphers who got into videography after long time spending in still/autofocus industry, may be they rely on.
  4. I think C200 should cost less or sell for 6000usd with kit lens. if not panasonic is better option.
  5. I love this camera, fuck canon raw i dont want that. I will wait and go for it when ever this avilable. hoping 240fps without crop.
  6. Now panasonic has no choice other than selling Awesome GH5's. they cant compete with Canon C200 anymore with any camera. They cant relese 12bit 4k camera! And they have no autofocus engineers.
  7. If this camera duel pixel focus is as good as 1dxii, this camera will sell alot. 12bit raw at 24fps is nice addition. Panasonic cant answer with varicam anymore.
  8. Panasonic cant do proper focus in gh5 video mode. Its stupid to expect auto focus on their semi pro video cameras. They just cant do. Panasonic varicam Lt might have good image but its bulky for what it offers and cropped 240fps has big diapponiting noise levels, only if they come sony[fs7] or canon[c300] battery style and decent slomo video with out crop and no rebooting during the shoots and great focussing abilities can only save what ever the camera they release. other wise we will wait for 2018 cinegear or 2019,20,21,22[like canon] NAB if not we may not wait and move on to something.
  9. Anamorphic desqueeze 10bit 120 better video auto focus
  10. NO 60FPS in 1080P?? Canon just playing with same sensors and technology from last 5 years. Go GH3 Go...
  11. sony sucks in front of canon 5dmk3 90mbit Vs VG900 or A99 24mbit. AVCHD 2.0?????? WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF... excitement is over.
  12. [quote name='tungah' timestamp='1347425186' post='17809'] Forget the A99. The VG30 is looking goooooooooood! My next cam for sure! The VG900 is a beast too! But too expensive for me to justify it for my needs... Sony, I love you! Suck it, Canon! [/quote] sony sucks in front of canon 5dmk3 90mbit Vs VG900 or A99 24mbit.
  13. [color=#000000] Everything is imperfect.[/color][color=#000000] RX1 = too expensive A99 = Bad, worst and shit 28mbps in video( why not ALL-I compression)??? VG900 = lack of FF NEX lenses + Bad, worst and shit 28mbps in video( why not ALL-I compression)?????[/color][color=#000000] loser…[/color] [color=#000000] Sony,[/color][color=#000000] Do you really think u can sell AVCHD SHIT ?????[/color][color=#000000] dont think so.[/color]
  14. vincent laforet is f-ing canon representative not to care much about his review.
  15. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1346248377' post='16817'] I hear you. It is a lot of money for me too, I don't need an FS100 AND a C100, AND a GH3, AND a BMD. It is getting silly. The investment is better off on the screen. Although the C100 is getting much warmer for me, and has addressed a heap of concerns I had about Canon recently, I cannot see myself selling my FS100 for it purely because of the lens mount and the fact I can use the Blackmagic for optimal resolution and workflow in good light. FS100 is my low light tool and for when S35 sensor size is important. BMD for when dynamic range, skin tones, resolution is key. C100 would be nicer than both to handle, and a lovely cam for sure but it cannot replace either of them until it has a universal mount and raw codec. That is asking a lot. FS100 and BMD both have better unique selling points for me personally. I know the majority might be better off with a C100 for commercial work though. It is going to FLY off the shelves because it is well priced and very practical. Not quite exciting enough in the specs department though. No 240fps, no raw, no 12bit colour, no full frame. Sony and Blackmagic have all that covered under $8k. [/quote] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]it is well priced and very practical?????????!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF[/font][/color] [font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif"][color="#282828"]u definitely sound like new.[/color][/font]
  16. [quote name='HurtinMinorKey' timestamp='1346256993' post='16846'] c 500: [url="http://www.canon.com.au/About-Canon/News-Events/News-Press-Releases/Canon-launches-Cinema-EOS-System-flagship-camera?cid=%20scfb120860"]http://www.canon.com...cid= scfb120860[/url] 60fps 4K 10bit raw [/quote] With an external recorder, it doesnt sound any great.
  17. 4-2-0 24Mbit??????? another fail from canon. sony A99 will kill this product like anything..
  18. canon can never do like sony. They are seriously concentrating on to SAVING EXPENSIVE EOS CINEMA SERIES. Jai ho Sony camera world.
  19. Go ahed fanboys buy two, may be more. At least canon will compensate losses from 5d3.
  20. same old shit lens and 18mp sensor. canon is in a big illusion ''we buy the crap what ever they make'' ha ha ha...it doesn't work anymore like that. another big time flop show.
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