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  1. Better than the S? This is one area I expected the P4K to excel at, with that new sensor.
  2. Yea its a tough call. I still prefer the GHa vlt colors, as long as its the midtones. Highlight gradients can't keep up at 17x with GH5 interpolation That's the plan; I'm wading through some complex code at the moment, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel lately. Why didn't they opt for GH5?
  3. Thanks man, its hard to beat. I used an Alexa for a bit, and then switched to the 5, because it was easier on my back ?
  4. Looks good Chris; Did you end up monitoring with the .vlt, or 709? Here are some stills from the weekend:
  5. Oh my; I heard something about it. If they are fixing that, then its probably ideal that I wait (they are still not in stock though)
  6. That's definitely the plan; at present, I've had some breakthroughs in figuring out the server code that I needed to tackle, so I'm getting close there. Then I can return to developing the site, and subsequently the cameras. I'm also simultaneously shooting a film, which is consuming all of my free time (for the next month). I used the actual Alexa on some shots, GH5 on the rest. I want to have everything ready by May. That's the goal.
  7. I think it will probably work. Granted, when it comes to color, its hard to assume (measurement is often a surprise) Here is a Cine-D to VLog conversion to test it out with: http://emotivecolor.com/hlgtovlog.html?v=1.2
  8. - and Alex Delfont's incredibly good Siam Rehab (HLG and Cine-D with Linear 33x): (be sure to watch in anything but Firefox, ideally Chrome with the dev fix)
  9. I've shown those stills to a lot of people! Looks like you are doing quite well with exposure Also all the work from these two is great (EC since Nov): And this one is quite good too: https://www.webstagram.one/media/BsOfDXlj5nF
  10. @matthere That's the plan, I prefer video tutorials myself. As soon as I can, I will do that. I will be working over the holidays; currently enmeshed in site coding at the moment (server side back end that is a first for me). At its most simple, GHa is summarized as: 1) Applying Main, Soft or Linear 2) Setting Luminance (to conform to cinema luminance, outlined on the waveform guide) Send me an email with a few tiff/dpx stills; I can do example grades with them and walk you through them
  11. Sure thing; led quality is indeed vital (on the Alexa or any camera). Check this out (the color spectrum graphs give a sense of it): https://www.oscars.org/science-technology/sci-tech-projects/solid-state-lighting
  12. @Adam Kuźniar They look good! In the last, it appears to be lit by led? Skintone is too green there; this is an issue with cheaper yellow leds. Halogen will render more magenta* Cine-D was also at 0 sat (thereabouts). To simulate ideal Cine-D, lower the saturation in advance of the conversion (in addition to WB adjustment):
  13. Cine-D, -5 sat (16-235 lum) is the ticket; I can apply the conversion to it. If I can, I'll try to get around to the 5D3. One day, the GH5 will have more companions.
  14. @.mateusz I hope to; it has 10 bit, which decidedly makes it a contender. From what I've seen with other Panasonic cameras, it seems to work decently. @katlis posted a few examples earlier, and I believe @mercer has a G85 now
  15. Indeed there is - when I've got some free time (after P4K/S), if you sent it to me for a week (when there is clear weather), I'd be able to support it directly thereafter
  16. Working on the website as fast as I can (the primary reason is to support the S and P4K). This is the best possible news for S owners ;) Not working on the GH5 at the moment, but there will be more news there once the S is addressed. I need a spotlessly clear, *sunny day. Many layers will be worn
  17. @mercer Yes, the GH2 patched is a must, as a throwback (kept mine). I will support Smooth, all -2, with Flowmotion 2.2 as the recommended patch With the freebie route, it would be three conversions in sequence, with the grade following: EC Cine-D to VLog -> CST VLog to LogC -> Arri R709 (from the Arri generator). And the same exposure and set up as V3 That'll put things in the neighborhood - the revelation with the freebie route is that the VLog conversion precisely reproduces Panasonic's VLog add-on (with the pdf settings for Cine-D on GH5). Granted that you picked up a G85 for it, I'd recommend getting GHa Daylight as an all-rounder. The G85 is a black box to me, but now that I know you have it, perhaps I can support it directly
  18. The P4K will really give a purist image; it has the benefit of extra highlight DR, lower noise, and clean codecs (the GH5 has slight banding in moving gradients with its best internal codec). When I don't need IBIS (float/shoulder/dolly), I'll opt for that one methinks I always liked the ethos of BMD, to the point that I sent them requests to make the equivalent of the P4K for years (it is exactly the camera I had been describing, plus 120 which I never imagined they would get to) The GH5 came first, and with my GH2 it seemed like the m4/3 camera I had always requested from BMD, plus IBIS (which I didn't know I wanted) Will do; incidentally I am shooting an Indian language film this weekend, my first production since Emotion II. I think I will bring the Alexa (at least to the first shoot) because the producer wants to use it (understandably). Also, I will be able to shoot a series of side-by-sides going forward, something with a bit more cinematic flair than the current GH5 SBSs The BMD Micro was almost an interim camera for me, but I resisted. That is a very good idea, I want to support a micro budget cam, and that might be the one, with its 10 bit. I know I will get to the patched GH2. There is a Cine-D freebie route to LogC of sorts. You can get the Cine-D to VLog Pre here, and then follow it with a VLog to LogC transform from Resolve CST (or equivalent)
  19. That looks incredible! I love it. @mirekti My bad, 176 is the one; 200 is GH5 All-I, and 220 is for 30
  20. Back a few years, there was a comparison of the various flavors of mezzanine codecs against raw, and they all softened the image. They had a filmic quality (inherently soft), and I quite liked it, though that's why I opt for at least 200mbps with a 2K intraframe codec
  21. I would use HQ myself (which is still a touch soft). GHa v3 will be transparent to the material (no need to worry about teasing apart macroblocks etc)
  22. That's right - it depends on the light. Imagine a magenta neon light - its got a limited spectrum. That the LF promo video is on the line is a sign that they are using a rich, full spectrum light in the studio - no doubt the Arri Skypanel. Sunlight and Halogen are relatively smooth spectrum, and an accurately balanced Alexa will place on the line; off-the-self leds and flourescents are a different story.
  23. @katlis Perhaps one day I'll support the GX85 directly; that will tighten things up considerably! Looks good I'm doing a deep dive into html/css at the moment, and filming this weekend
  24. @RCV It does need to be a neutral WB for the key light. You can get the same monochromatic reduction following the conversion in post by desaturating and then doing a WB shift, or midtone wheel shift. The color conversion underneath will be true to form. The P4K is still in the distance; if Black Magic would sell one to me, I could get started ? Alas, one day
  25. Thanks Jonesy, that's the plan. There is a lot of ground to cover; I am laying the foundation for it now. Just got a new Alexa Classic last week, due to the early demise of the former Before moving forward, I wanted to make sure the original work was fully defined, and V3 is really there
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