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  1. My review, mainly sample footage:
  2. After getting the GH4 + 12-35 f2.8 working on the DS1 (out of the box) I wanted to setup something lighter to see how it handles smaller cameras. When I am shooting a live event (i.e. weddings) I want to use the DS1 with my GX7 + 12mm f2.0 so I can just leave it on the gimbal all day and use my GH4 for my main cam. With this in mind I set out to see if I could get this pair to balance and perform well on the DS1. I had little trouble balancing the pair (the GM1 + 12mm was just too tiny to really balance well) but the default profiles had way too much power for such a small combo. Even profile 3 and 4 which come setup for smaller combos had the shakes pretty bad. So I decided to try the auto tune ability of the 32b alexmos board as shown here by Emm: So I set the gimbal up on a sturdy tripod and stating with the profile 3 power settings I auto tuned the PID for each axis alone, twice (took about 15 mintues). Much to my surprise when I removed the gimbal and tested it it worked really well with this lighter setup. I then updated profile 3 and 4 to use then new PID settings. Now I can fly the GH4 + 12-35mm or GX7 + 12mm with a quick rebalance and a simple profile change. I plan on shooting the GH4 + 12-35mm over the holidays and I will report back with some actual footage early next year. Thanks,
  3. I got my DS1 a few days ago. It works well with the GH4 + 12-35 F2.8 out of the box. It is heavy but I really like being able to unfold and use the GH4's LCD screen, especially inverted.
  4. The DS1 does do intervened mode for sure, I think he was just saying that with his camera body + PID settings the camera is not stable inverted. PID tuning should make it work. See this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jg-14SWbgx0 Actually I am hoping that the auto PID tune feature of the 32bit board/GUI will really help with different body/lens combos. The reason I gave up on the Nebula4000 Lite was the pure pain of PID tuning the light GM1+12mm ...
  5. Yeah that does not sound right, was it well balanced? I have a DS1 arriving this week and I will report on my experience.
  6. So I am guessing that the 2.0x crop on the GH3 means that the 18-35 + Speedbooster + SLR Magic Anamorphot should work fine? That's the combo I have my eye on.
  7. I've been reading this blog for 3 years and I just relised that this is the first time I've heard your voice! I am wondering if we will see a GX7 review as well? Same seonsor with very nice controls and EVF.
  8.   I know this was a touch off topic but I am giving it one more try, since you tested the GH3 with the Speedbooster + Sigma 18-35 in this test any word on vignetting when at 18mm with the GH3/Speedboster/Sigma (like on the GH2)?
  9. Quick question Andrew,   In the Pocket Cam + Sigma 18-35 + Speedbooster article comments you mentioned that the GH2 + Sigma 18-35 + Speedbooster seems to get murky corners with the Sigma.  Does the 1.86x crop factor of the GH2 vs the 2.0x crop factor of the GH3 make a difference?  In other words how does the GH3 play with the Sigma 18-35 + Speedbooster when at 18mm (12mm effective)?   Thanks for all the amazing work you do.
  10.   Actually the quesiton was explictlly about the front of the Anamonphic adapter:     Answer:     Seems pretty clear.
  11.   From SLRmagic @ personal View it will have a 77mm front thread:     http://www.personal-view.com/talks/discussion/4466/most-wanted-anamorphic-lens/p28
  12. Will this work with the Rokinon CINE lenses like the 85mm and 50mm or are their front elements too large?
  13. Thanks for the great review. I ended up getting the HV9x after your last compact review and the one thing I don't like is the 30 minute record time limit on it. Do you know what/if the RX100 has a limit on the record time? Thanks,
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