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  1. I've tinkered with the UMP at a few trade shows, and it is very well made. It is solid and much heavier than I expected. It weighs 5.1 pounds. Over a pound heavier than a RED Helium 8k and the new Canon C500. I've also played with the Pocket 4k, and it feels cheap.
  2. Not to put the cart before the horse, but does anyone think Metabones or Blackmagic might eventually make a focal reducer EF mount for this camera and the 4.6k camera? Having a large format option makes this camera even more interesting to me. Also, I assume a Magic Booster by LucAdapters will be made for this camera. Is the Magic Booster a quality product of similar quality to Metabones Speedboosters?
  3. Is 12-bit uncompressed raw recording to SSD via USB Type C possible on the S1H? Any chance the S1H gets 12-bit 5.9k or 4k Blackmagic RAW to HDMI via Blackmagic Video Assist like the EVA-1? If either were possible, I would already own the S1H.
  4. I do not understand why anyone would risk their professional reputation by shooting with a camera that needs to be pampered during the shoot. Seems to be highly irresponsible to have to manage shooting time because of heat. Similar to managing a shoot because you do not have enough media or enough batteries to cover the full event. The Canon C200B is available on B&H website for $3,999 brand new. I know it is not full frame and does not shoot 4k120p, but seems like a much better choice for paid work, if you need 4k raw from Canon, over managing multiple R5 bodies or R5 and R6 mixtures.
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