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  1. Tony is a poser. total lack of real technical knowledge but a big pile of BS. I watched maybe 2 of his vids and never again, especially so when he did a review on the sigma 120-300 and they had no clue what they were talking about or doing. it was painful. so just ignore the guy...
  2. 16-235 is NTSC video levels. with analog video transmission now gone, black levels of 0 are acceptable in _digital_ video.. aka DV and other digital video formats. The problem is the 1D is labeling its levels as 601 instead of 709…. or worse yet may be actually putting its image into 601 color space. this could easily cause color mismanagment with some apps if there is no other metadata in the clips to tell them the clip came from a 1D so you have to apply special case color management to correct for the 1D doing things wrong.
  3. first, let me say that Prem Pro does NOT use QT for h.264. It has its own h264 encoder / decoder as part of MediaCore. QT player 7 and X often handle the gamma of files very differently... just how it is. In QT player 7 there is a pref setting for handling gamma like FCP 7 FWIW which may or may not do things right. screen calibration can also cause all sorts of problems too... but back to the original concern. any number of things could be going on. one could be that AVC files are simply being tagged with the wrong color space, or none at all leaving the NLE to guess / assume one. another is that maybe PP is for some reason not liking that particular flavor of AVCHD files. there is a pref file to tell PP how to handle given media types which is a text file you can edit, just like AE. if you know where AE's interpretation file is, then you can find PP's as well. I'm not saying where the file is because I don't want people going in there and hacking it up making for worse problems....
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