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    Bruno got a reaction from Ernesto Mantaras in 6k for a new camera...not sure what to get...would be happy to hear your input   
    With 6k you could also shoot an entire short film with decent production values, if you rent the equipment.
    What do you want to have after you spend your money, a film or a camera?
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    Bruno got a reaction from galenb in Round 1 Goes to RED!!! Sony? Canon? Panasonic?   
    [quote name='Leang' timestamp='1352077149' post='21027']
    Tempted to buy a Red One asap. Can Dragon be upgraded to the One?

    It would be the other way round, and no, which means your films could probably only look as good as The Social Network or The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, is that a limitation you're willing to live with? :)
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    Bruno got a reaction from sanveer in I'm not seeing the 5D Mark III "softness" that everyone is talking about   
    The guys are in there, playing with the codec and trying to improve it, I guess they should know their resolutions by now.
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    Bruno got a reaction from sanveer in Digital Bolex CNC model photos   
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    Bruno got a reaction from nahua in GH3 with timecode, XLR, peaking, OLED viewfinder and magnesium alloy body   
    [quote name='Zach' timestamp='1347566472' post='17920']
    I can't imagine why you would ever need to adjust audio while recording. They don't do that in the audio world! You check your levels and leave them be.

    Are you serious? So you ask everyone in front (or behind the camera) to maintain the exact same level of sound of whatever they're saying or doing throughout the entire shot... man you really have an amazing control over your cast/crew/surrounds!

    So you think cameras and audio recorders come with audio level displays just so you can sit there watching your audio clip and not do anything about it? Have you ever even seen anyone (properly) recording audio?
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    Bruno got a reaction from Ruben Fernandez in 5D Mark III or Blackmagic Cinema Camera?   
    That's just silly. When I asked if he'd ever graded C300 footage, I never implied he needed to own one to do so. And I don't own one either.

    Even using raw in the BMCC won't give you the same low light performance you can get from a C300. Not even film will!
    That doesn't mean the BMCC is not a great camera and won't be better than the C300 in many other aspects, but don't be blind.
    C300 footage has nothing to do with Canon DSLR's badly compressed video, its grading possibilities are way better than that, even if it's not raw.
    Of course it costs 4x more, and personally I'd go with the BMCC, because it's a better deal for my needs and budget, but I'm not going to ignore all its downsides and pretend it's as good as an Alexa and can beat all the other cameras out there.

    I know there's no way you'll ever give Canon a compliment again, but there's no need to pull a BMCC version of reduser.net here!
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    Bruno got a reaction from Germy1979 in Canon launch $8000 Cinema EOS C100   
    Sounds good but still very conservative pricing from Canon. This should be priced to compete with the FS100. The FS700 has a bunch of features that make it very special and extremely good value. Obviously Canon is hoping to bank on the reputation the C300 has been making in picture quality.
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    Bruno got a reaction from unadog in 5D Mark III or Blackmagic Cinema Camera?   
    Just out of curiosity, have you ever graded C300 footage?
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    Bruno got a reaction from andy lee in John Brawley long interview on the BMDCC   
    [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1345209369' post='15890']
    How many times is rolling shutter really a problem? Not that often in my opinion. John said in the interview that it is no worse than the GH2 and 5D any way. True the sensor probably has a global shutter mode but the image quality won't be as good in that mode - likely much noisier with less dynamic range. Look at the current specs of scientific sensors - global shutter mode always worse. This is why Panasonic haven't brought theirs to the market yet.

    In my handheld style, it's been problem in every single project really.
    Being no worse than a 5D or a GH2 is not a good thing really, it's one of the basic issues, and I hoped they would get it finally fixed, it's about time someone does!
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