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  1. Exactly. I don't like re-work or having to redo things. So if I travel somewhere or take time to set up a fun creative shoot...I'd like that to be "sellable" for as long as humanly possible.
  2. Money, I guess. There's the obvious candidates (display manufacturers) but then there's weird ones that I had never thought of. Major streaming platforms, codec developers, peripherals. Not so much in the western world but they are all about pushing that tech in the East.
  3. There is most definitely demand. I can verify that a hundred times over. Just not with consumers.
  4. I got my pre order in fairly quickly and Adorama is saying July 30th.
  5. This is a really interesting take that I haven't heard or thought of before. Have you ever thought about or pursued orchestral/electronic stuff with samples? That's my real passion (for similar reasons to you) and it's easier now than ever. Such an instantly expressive and creatively satisfying thing compared to film!
  6. @Video Hummus To be fair, continuing to be involved in any form of social media and/or filmmaking requires a little bit of masochism.
  7. I've been noticing this more too, I think it's just more practical for episodic stuff though. Going from tripod to gimbal to dolly takes time. So just leave the camera on the gimbal and have the operator stand still for the "tripod shot". That seems to be the logic.
  8. Long time member, infrequent communicator here. I got into it a bit with Mr. Reid the other day for the first time. After discussing it with him privately, I found that he and I were much more similar in our views than I first thought. He and I both just had bad days...on the same day. So that got me thinking...I spend time here, it has been a resource for me in the past (whether educational or casual reading/browsing). I think it's easy to take a site like this for granted. We tend to just assume there's a team or that it is all automated. It's not, it's one guy and it takes time from his day and other things. So, I wanted to do an AMA and get to know him a bit more. I will start it off. Please post questions in bold + italic and tag "@Andrew Reid". @Andrew Reid What art form interests you the most outside of film? Also...what is your favorite CURRENT local restaurant (no chains)? PS...I know Andrew is too humble to make this sticky or pin it. But I think it should be. If it is sticky or pinned it's because I'm requesting it. I think it would be good for the health of the site for people to have a better sense of who is behind it. It would add a personality that would make things more civil and you would probably notice that you don't get stressed as much.
  9. The only thing that I have found that works is: narrative stuff with BTS to show how it was done. The problem is that...it's not a financially stable or viable system. I can afford to do them maybe once a year. Which is totally fine, it just doesn't lead to growth. So, you couldn't really do that as a starting point and expect a channel to grow. Well, maybe you could, I just think it would be tough. The nice thing about YouTube is that there are probably 1,000 different ways to do it and still be unique and different. Narrative + BTS isn't the only way, it's just the only thing that's worked on my channel thus far. That and 8K videos
  10. I’ve always felt like you should make any money you want to make OFF site. Keep your channel as clean as possible from advertisers or sponsors. It just clouds everything. It’s not just YouTube though. I was asked to help do some stuff on a travel/nature series and had a bunch of stuff written up for how to make it exciting and engaging only to find that 50% of each episode was devoted to sponsors and promoting their businesses. So, instead of “trying to make an engaging show” the job became “creative ways to feature sponsors”. It’s pretty limiting if that is your starting point. The truth is that YouTube is going all hive mind (like Reddit or any other social media conglomerate) and any uniqueness becomes monetized, packaged and then replicated to the point of parody. How many people have a “What’s up guys!” intro that is copy and pasted from everyone else? How about the same lighting in their studio background? Same thumbnails, same titles, same content. It’s become junk food ready for mass consumption. Icky.
  11. Oh, I agree, but I don’t think it will be in this format. This style is on its final legs IMO. Wide angle handheld, talking to the camera, padding run time to get to 10+ minutes. Audiences are slowly catching on to the runtime pads and are being turned off by it. Enough people leave and creators will go back to more condensed content or evolve to actually make meaningful 10+ minute videos.
  12. Huh, Vlogging is still a thing, eh? I figured it would have run its course by now. Maybe 8K RAW doesn’t make sense for 10+ minutes of mindless fluff. Just a hunch.
  13. Depends on whether you are an eternal pessimist or not, I suppose My personal outlook will remain unchanged. I shot a short film in 6 second chunks at -16 Q Scale to get a higher bitrate on the T2i when Magic Lantern first came out. And I loved it. Squeezing the best IQ out of a camera is right up my alley...and I thought yours as well but you seemed to have changed your tune since I was last here.
  14. Yup, this is the point I have been trying to make but you have made it more eloquently! Blackmagic pushed other entry level camera makers to include similar specs and try to beat them at price point. The R5 represents a pretty sizable leap forward in what we can expect to have in a camera. Many of these things were thought to be impossible to even get into a single camera and they somehow got all of them! This will push Blackmagic, Panasonic, Sony and all others to either lower the price of their future offerings or innovate and add new tech. In that scenario, we all win.
  15. Probably true, but shouldn't we be fine with that? I'm happy that they just pushed tech forward so far. All it means is that other companies will now feel the pressure to add more features at a cheaper price point...so the consumer wins. Anytime this has happened it's a good thing. When Tesla pushed the envelope, other car manufacturers followed and now almost all major companies have an EV model. Good for humanity. If not for Tesla pushing the boundaries it would have taken longer and probably been more expensive. There are examples of this in many industries and I always think it's a positive. The fact that THIS specific camera doesn't fit a lot of peoples needs isn't the thing I'm happy about, it helps me specifically and I'm in the minority, but it's still a positive for everyone. It just means everyone will get the tech they are looking for sooner and likely cheaper. I would obviously prefer no clip limits but this is coming from someone who adopted Magic Lantern in the very early days and shot entire projects in 10 second chunks due to buffers. I've had entire projects ruined by RED cameras. I'm just used to having to do little workarounds. So for me, it doesn't seem like this is some big thing that people need to freak out over. If you wanted/needed 8K RAW and some of these other specs, it sucks to have to deal with the clip limit but it certainly shouldn't be a deal breaker. You just workaround it and deal with it (assuming the work allows for that). My overall point remains, from a big picture point of view...I'm glad they pushed the envelope and included the tech vs. leaving it out. It might make this specific camera unusable for some but it's a major win for the industry as a whole. Again, before this point RED owned 8K and they charged $30,000 to even begin shooting. This camera marks the entry level for 8K and that is something that will be a benchmark that is remembered years from now. Many many many shooters will create mind blowing stuff with this camera, I can guarantee that.
  16. Probably true...this camera wasn’t made for you then. Also, how can anyone pretend to know how reliable or unreliable it is until you actually use it on a shoot? It might be better than we thought and it might be worse. Speculating is just that...speculation. Time will tell.
  17. But...what? My videos are going to companies like Amazon, Samsung and TCL for display showcases or hardware/software testing. These applications SPECIFICALLY require 8K.
  18. (raises hand) I did. I realize it’s not for everyone but I’m extremely happy with what they did. It’s legitimately my dream camera for this moment in time. Do with that what you will, my point is...Canon has given SOME people what they want. Just not everyone, but no one ever does!
  19. Say it again. A little louder for everyone in this sub. For a company that has been ridiculed for not innovating (most of all...here on this site), they made the correct call. It's a leap forward and I applaud them for it. It will push everyone to follow suit! To solve this problem they would have had to leave out IBIS or AF. They kept them BOTH in. It's really a remarkable technical achievement. After talking with Panasonic engineers a lot in the past about this stuff...the fact that they were able to cram all of this in is surprising.
  20. It depends on how competent you are at overcoming a cameras faults/quirks. They all have 'em. I have plenty of horror stories from working with RED cameras. It's part of the job...always has been, probably always will be. You...expected 8K RAW internal with IBIS and AF without overheating? I'm fairly certain the camera would lose IBIS or RAW and personally I am THRILLED that they decided not to do that. Again, this is coming from one of Canon's most vocal detractors. What was in your tea today?!
  21. Here is the work that I will be using it for that it makes perfect sense to utilize: - Short Films - Music Videos - Commercials - Stock Footage - Pro Stills - BTS - YouTube videos I previously used a RED Helium for this work and just sold it for this. That saved me $25,000. I don’t do weddings or corporate stuff so it’s not an issue for me. You know how you overcome little issues like overheating? You practice and use the camera enough to know it’s quirks and then you shoot/plan around them.
  22. I’m happy to let my footage do the talking to bring more of you over to my camp. I think it’s an incredible achievement and nitpicking about stuff that can easily be worked around is...a bit much. To each his own though, it’s your investment and you know what you need in a camera. It’s my A cam for just about everything. For everything it doesn’t work for, I will rent. Easy.
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