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  1. Thank you and I appreciate that, also understand that I'm not put up to anything I say, this is my impression. I didn't see two stops either, the only thing I noticed was a more pleasing rolloff. Probably comes out to 1/2 stop but for me it's in the right spot. I don't need much more, I just want that smooth rolloff...I got that in this footage but not really ever with the GH5.
  2. I won't be doing any such tests but I'm sure someone will. You don't need to take anyone's word for it though, plenty of footage out there using the native ISO values.
  3. ISO 3200 is not a native ISO, therefore you are losing DR. 400 and 2500 are native ISO's and only by using those values are you getting the max DR. There is absolutely improved highlight rolloff, if you don't see that you don't know the GH5 very well ?
  4. Here you go! Both in VLogL with the 35mm Zeiss Master Anamorphic. I think both might be wide open at T 1.9 as well: http://neumannfilms.mediafire.com/view/8ksyqohce9c47co/Glenn.tif http://neumannfilms.mediafire.com/view/tbax0g3dlwlhww2/Marika.tif
  5. @jonpais, want an ungraded still? I have some in VLogL and Natural
  6. Thanks Matt, yeah having a $38,000 lens helps quite a bit! It felt pretty funny shooting with that lens on a $2500 camera but it definitely added something extra to the footage.
  7. Had to send the camera back a few days ago but will likely get a production unit soon. Same thing happened with the GH5. Ha, @Jonesy Jones that confusion was a mistake on my part. I think I did one to fit a UHD window, one where I scaled up horizontal resolution and one where I scaled down vertical. All shots were with the same resolution though, I think it's like 3328x2160 or something? I can't remember
  8. Not releasing any clips was a point of contention this time around
  9. He's a part of this launch for sure, no doubt you will see something from him today
  10. I think it's the juice needed to give each photosite 2x native ISOs
  11. It's in the exposure menu and you change from "High" to "Low". When on Low you want to be at ISO 400, when in High 2500. From what I understand the omission of IBIS was necessary for the inclusion of Dual ISO
  12. I will say, based off perception (so...two grains of salt) I didn't notice much increase outside of the highlight roll off. Again...that was like the first thing I noticed on day 1. Two stop increase? Could be, I didn't notice that. Cinema camera roll off...yup.
  13. Don't forget about the highlight roll off man...in my opinion it's more valuable than the low light. Although at T4-5.6 that will be big for you as well.
  14. I would be very very curious to see if it looks any better. I'm assuming it does but it would need a miracle to look decent at this point.
  15. I mean, it looks just like a fucking HDR conversion LUT with no secondaries or masks...
  16. 2 more stops is what I was told, who knows what has changed since then though. I didn't notice more as much as I noticed awesome highlight roll off. Wherever the new extra DR went, it went to the right places.
  17. Uh, well. Just going to say that I won't be allowing other people to grade videos anymore without my input. Wow.
  18. I haven't seen that online yet, should be soon I would think! No post clean up outside of a few shots that I got in VLog. The one that is clearly VLog and then a low angle over the water (with obvious different coloring). Everything else has no noise reduction applied! Also, everything in that playlist is GH5s footage, with the exception of "The Super Secret Project" which has some GH5s, some GH5. Some thoughts (also...that thumbnail)
  19. I stick by my early comments...options are good. Not everyone needs or wants the same things, if you have a gimbal IBIS isn't as big of a deal, to RED/ARRI/BMC users its a non issue. To Panasonic users it is. If it's a deal breaker that makes your decision easier.
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