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  1. Does anyone know if it's possible to create a good "recipe" for converting BMCC raw video to something similar to what the BMCC camera would create when it outputs Film Log ProRes - preferably using Adobe Camera Raw and After Effects? (I'll be using Resolve at some point, but I'm waiting for the new MacPro's to upgrade, and my 2012 Pre-Retina MacBook Pro can't handle Resolve).   To be more clear: I'd like to shoot RAW, but immediately batch convert to something that closely resembles what I would get if I had shot ProRes422 Film Log.     Is there such a recipe?  Or does
  2. Thanks Axel, When I first started using my GH2, I did have some freezes on good class 10 cards - I started using Extreme Pro 95mpbs cards and have been using those, or Lexor Pro cards if I run low on media on a long shoot.  So, that's not the issue for sure. I did more testing today - more Clipwrap crashes.  I feel like the only option now is to either buy a new body (and that seems insane given my experience with this one) or buy an FS-100, which is probably what i am going to do. Unhacked, or returned to the original settings, camera seems to be fine.  And when
  3. Hi Andrew and Company, I feel like I've been a bit of a buzz-kill around here lately, and I certainly don't mean to be.  I just want to share information, as befits a great forum like this, and I have great respect for Andrew's work, and Vataliy's. So this is going to sound like a litany of problems - but this is not a bash on the camera, or the people on the forum.  I just figure people want to know about these things, and I would love some advice and help as well. Problems: Corrupt Band Corrupt Files / AVCHD Conversion Failure Problems returning to o
  4. Apologies - I am using 1.1 not 1.01 --- So yes, this is on the latest firmware and the latest patches that I've been having the problem.  It could certainly be hardware failure - but the gear is relatively new and hasn't been abused in any way.  It was working unhacked, on the original firmware. Any suggestions what might be the problem? Thanks very much.  This forum is invalueable.
  5. Is anyone having serious problems with corrupted files and "drop-frame-like-banding" on the bottom of their clips? I love the GH2, and am invested in a whole kit of great lenses, but unless I can figure this out, I'm going to have to move over to the 5D3.  I'm getting the same problems with both the 44mbps and 88mbps patches.  1/10 files is unreadable, and another 1/10 has a thick band of unusable video on the bottom of the frame.  I'm shooting mostly HBR PAL - on this project at least. I would really appreciate suggestions on a potential fix -
  6. Hey everyone - I've been getting a concerning number of corrupt files coming out of the new 88mbps patch on EOSHD (when it works, it's absolutely lovely, and thanks Andrew for putting it together - I just want to share any tech problems I'm having for everyone's benefit). On HBR PAL mode, my maximum file limit is 12 minutes, at almost a gig per minute converted in FCP at Apple ProRes 422 - and I'm having lots of corrupted files that cause FCP 7.03's Log and Transfer to force quit. Anyone else having the same issue - and is there a fix I don't know about
  7. I would be a little cautious on using it for events without really investing in lenses.  I love the GH2 - but I am a documentary shooter, and I'm on an extended gig right now.  I'm finding that I absolutely need the Zuico 14-35 f2.0 - and that's a 2K+ investment.  I just don't have the time to be switching prime lenses constantly - I miss key moments -  and I am almost always shooting wide open, or 1 stop higher if sharpness is an issue.  An 5.6 zoom lens on the GH2 is just way too slow to be useable for me at least. I have the Olympus 12mm/f2.0
  8. I'm a documentary shooter who has been using a Sony EX1 for years, and love it - but now would really like to intercut footage from my GH2 into professional broadcasts.  I shoot mostly PAL footage despite living in New York in an NTSC region.  I have a few questions for anyone who has advice: I'm happily shooting at 720 25p on the EX1 (best trade of quality to low light performance at 1/50 shutter speed).  But I want to start shooting as much as possible on my GH2.  The EX1 will stay in the mix as long as there is no great pro-servo lens that could be rigge
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