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  1. Its depressing, because, honestly, I want the 1DC! If it were at a more accessible price-point, it would've done incredibly well in the hands of indie filmmakers and documentarians!   It is a dream camera for many. 4K in a DSLR form factor. Its just such a shame that Canon chose to price it out of reach.
  2. If I didn't know any better, I would've guessed this was shot on a 5D3 with a neutral picture profile. Dynamic range, tones, etc look virtually identical. I don't see any difference besides the resolution.
  3. Just donated $25 to the cause! I own four Canon DSLRs (T2i, T3i, T4i, and 5D3) and look forward to seeing what 1% and the team can do for them!
  4. I told myself I wouldn't install an early version of ML on my 5D3 for fear of bricking my camera, but now that it is actually available, damn it if I can resist the temptation. I love ML on my T2i, T3i and 5D2 and use it professionally. I'll be donating again. Hopefully that can put some more fuel on the fire.
  5. [quote name='markm' timestamp='1347267295' post='17682'] The sun is a nightmare practical light that constantly changes all the time. Imagine your house light dimming brightening and moving. Controlling it working with it is a massive part of the job on a film set. Happy times spent for sound waiting for aircraft to pass and clouds to move let alone setting lights reflectors and all sorts of stuff to get the picture right. [/quote] Yea... I know... I was just kiddin'
  6. [quote name='Philip Bloom' timestamp='1347210080' post='17646'] 99.9% of my work is lit. [/quote] Lit by the sun you mean... Just kiddin :P
  7. matt2491

    Where are you

    We almost live next to each other. I'm in Billerica, MA.
  8. Wow - there IS a noticeable difference! Can't wait to see what ML brings to the 5D3.
  9. I really like my Canon DSLRs. I also really like my GH2. Different tools for different jobs.
  10. [quote name='lafilm' timestamp='1345326133' post='16005'] Sorry guys, I love you gearheads and good conversation, but I have to go with a guy who is obsessed with cameras, and gets paid to shoot them. ($ for a living).[/quote] I think many of us on this site could also be classified as "guys obsessed with cameras, and get paid to shoot them (for a living)..." Philip Bloom is not the only cat making a living being videographer. He's just among the better known, thanks to his well published site.
  11. It's in Philip Bloom's best interests to speak highly of Canon cameras.
  12. [quote name='gene_can_sing' timestamp='1343159402' post='14437'] What up with Canon and outrageous pricing this last year? The 5D3 at $3500 is overpriced, but still seems a bargain when compared to C300, 1D-C, 24-70 V2.0 and now this crappy Mirrorless camera? Who buys this stuff? People that enjoy getting ripped off and get less for their money? I opted out thankfully. [/quote] I bought the 5D3 and am very happy with it. I'm a photographer as much as a videographer, and it is strong in both categories. No, it doesn't resolve the same amount of detail as other cameras do, namely the GH2 (which I also own and shoot with), but its a combination of the little things that make me a happy camper. It renders my EF lenses wonderfully, I like Canon's color science (as do my clients), and in my line of work, the ability to flip a dial and bounce between high quality video and high quality photo is worth the price of admission. Like Andrew and others have said before, the 5D3 and GH2 compliment each other well. Both are in my kit and I use each for their practical purposes. I just wanted to point out that not everyone is disappointed with the 5D3. You have one happy Canon user right here. Now I understand that if you were looking to buy the 5D3 for the sole purpose of shooting video, you might be understandably let down. But for many people (including myself) a powerful hybrid photo/video camera is exactly what we wanted. I've followed your conversations on this forum over the past few months and I think you were wise to choose the FS700. It is a great camera befitting your needs (from what I can tell). :)
  13. Frankly, I don't see much difference between the 1DX and 5D3 images. At least not a $3000 difference. I just rewatched the original MOV downloaded from Vimeo. I actually think the 5D3 has some advantages over the 1DX in the anti-aliasing department. Some of the 1DX video was quite harsh-looking due to the extra sharpening. You just can't sharpen detail that doesn't exist! Halos were more prominent as well. Anyway, both are good cameras with similar yet slightly different characteristics.
  14. On another note, thanks for putting the "Comment on this article" back under each post's title! So much easier to just get to the discussions.
  15. Yes it handles outdoor audio very very well. I do a lot of run and gun shooting where I need to pick up dialogue from people standing anywhere up to 25 feet away. The VMP pulls their voices right out of the air. Crisp and clean.
  16. After downloading and reviewing the original HD file myself, I have to agree with you that it seems the 1DX offers a sharper image than the 5D3. Unfortunately, I don't think it comes as close to the GH2 / C300 as you think. Still muddy... The 5D3 shot is particularly disheartening to look at. So soft...
  17. Yea I lucked out and found mine on ebay (in the US) for $579 a few months ago. I'd wait a little while. I'm sure a nice deal will pop up.
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