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  1. Andrew is guilty of this as well, as evidenced by a recent tweet. But no worries! It's all good.
  2. What's up with the magenta tint to all this RAW footage? The H264 versions seems to filter it out?
  3. My eyes have been glued to EOSHD and the Magic Lantern forums all day. So damn excited. Looking forward to seeing Andrew's findings.
  4. With all this RAW footage we're looking at lately, what's the deal with the magenta tint to everything? Its still subtly noticeable even after dialing it down in post.
  5. My goodness - your sample frame grab looks INCREDIBLE! All this news is overwhelming. Magic Lantern for the effing win! I've donated two times in the past already, but will be making it three times right quick!
  6.   So happy to hear it. Can't wait to see your results!
  7. Oh man!!!   Here's an even more recent quote from Alex:   "Heh, people got excited without even knowing the big news: g3gg0 just discovered how to use the DMA cropping routines, which just made possible RAW video recording at 1920x1080 at 24fps on 1000x cards."   :D  :D  :D
  8. Fantastic stills image quality!
  9. Meanwhile, Canon can't manage to put 60fps in 1080p in their DSLRs...
  10. The Glidecam HD series is a tried-and-true steadicam system. I run it with my 5D all the time. Deadly steady shots.
  11. Appropriate focal length for what? It all depends on what you're shooting.
  12. Thoroughly well written Andrew. I can't wait to hear what Canon has to say.
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