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  1. On second look at the 1080p file, the resolution seems noticeably improved over the 5D2. Not true 1080p, I agree, but considering the reduction in moire and aliasing, I think the resolution is pretty good. That's no excuse for Canon, but I'm not as turned off as I was earlier. I do a lot of still photography along with video work (about 50/50 actually) so I am still paying close attention to the 5D3 and am likely to order one too...
  2. Hell it looks pretty good to me! But what do I know? I couldn't detect much moire or aliasing. That's surely a good sign. The sub-1080p resolution is unimpressive though. I just placed an order for a GH2 body (literally seconds ago). I'm sick of waiting for Canon to charm us. The price of a GH2 body makes it an incredibly hard deal to beat. Unfortunately I don't have any M43 glass, only my large stash of EF lenses, so I also bought a cheap dumb adapter just to use interm. I downloaded your GH2 Shooter's Guide book and plan to make the most of the hack as well. I'm a long time Canon shooter (both stills and video), as well as a Magic Lantern veteran, but I figure now is the time to make my next move since the 5D3 announcement left me rather disappointed. The GH2 should keep me satisfied while the rest of the year unfolds :) Maybe we'll see the 4K DSLR by Photokina and/or other camera announcements!
  3. Excellent post Andrew. I love your blog for one very specific reason - the openness and honesty. I too am worried that the 5D3 won't offer the significant improvement in video that the price point (and expectations) would dictate...
  4. tungah, now that's more like it. While we still can't get a really good look at the quality, I would believe that is definitely 5D3 material. But then again, I would believe it was 5D2 material too.... though I couldn't really discern any aliasing on her hair... so maybe it is the real deal.  :)
  5. In my opinion, the 5D3 shot looks like it was passed through noise reduction software. I really hope I'm wrong but even from looking at the screen grabs, the 5D3 looks softer than the 5D2. I just hope the camera isn't performing some kind of automatic noise reduction, but is in fact truly more sensitive in low light.
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