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    Hi Audio Guys, This is a great sounding eq. It works like a graphic equalizer where you make a shape with the sliders, except you draw the shape with your mouse. I don't know how long it will be for free so get it while you can. It is regularly $89. Here's the link: https://harrisonconsoles.com/site/free-plugin.html This one is kind of special because graphic eqs and mastering don't normally go together, so they have done some good coding to minimize phase issues and band interaction. You may notice it does not sound tizzy or harsh and the bass is punchy even when cutting, so this may be your new favorite, eq especially for free. Also, it has a useful display mode called lighting, which can visualize the frequency response in an easy to follow way. Enjoy!
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    Geo videos

    Geo from geographic, not necessarily green ones... ; ) Show us your locations or some landscape you'd like to visit : -)
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    My best footage I filmed in North Carolina from 2015-2019. I shot on a GH4 and the GH5 in 4k with the scenery setting. I filmed 1.75x in 16:9 and 4:3 and 1.5x in 16:9 Anamorphic Lens used : 1. Baby Hypergonar 1.75x 2. Bolex 8/19 1.5x anamorphot 3. Bolex 16/32 1.5x anamorphot Taking lens: Voigtlander 40mm f2, Schneider-Kreuznach 50mm f/1.9 Xenon, Olympus Zuiko Pen 38mm f/1.8, Schneider Xenoplan 28mm f2, and a MeVis 35mm f1.6 Variable diopters used: 1. Rectilux 3FF-S 2. Proto DNA 3. Focuser 8 I also used a Tokina +0.4 Achromatic, Fujinon +0.7 and a Narumi +3 diopter for close up shots. If there is a shot you like let me know and I will tell you the combo. Cheers!
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    I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!

    BREAKING NEWS: Fujinon XF 16-80mmF4 R OIS WR with lens firmware 1.01 offers smooth flicker-free zooming in the entire range, making it the most video-friendly lens in the Fujinon line-up.
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    12032 x 9024 pixels and 6K (6016 x 3384 pixels) up to 30fps in the $250-350 price range this time? Seems we'll have news this October 24... https://www.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_mi_cc9_pro_rumored_to_bring_108mp_camera_and_snapdragon_730g_chipset_-news-39444.php https://www.technobezz.com/xiaomi-may-release-the-mi-cc9-pro-with-108-mp-camera-on-october-24-985365/ source Add Camera 2 API and you'll have manual controls, reach up to 200Mbps and yet extend your DR going with Log modes... Just holding less than 200 grams! E : -)
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    Yeah that does look really good. I'd have to dig through my footage and put something together! Detroit is a beautiful city.
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    For casual photography, smartphones bring a new world of possibilities. Sometimes the difference between to get the shot or not. More usual than we can think before to put our hands there. Without mention a whole new universe for computational photography... go figure, selfies also help to subject think we're just taking one. Interesting times for shooting (E : -)
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    Pretty sure I have used two lens for this which broke the single lens rule but I can assure that both are Soviet. I made this a while ago as part of my street music passion project. If anyone can tell me the name of the song, much appreciated
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    Kipon Adapters For Nikon Z And Canon R

    dont know, but posts from helsinki wont help you, he is a spammer another name to keep an eye out on is kimminseok or is that kimminsuck i do get confused πŸ™„ a few of us report such posts but it is up to mr reid to sort it out.
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    I followed the first one. This is precisely one more than I would usually follow. Story of my life.
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    actually i tried two enlarger lenses, one projection lens, and the russian lens that arrived today . I'm not really surprised i have read that the once you go lower than 70mm or so with enlarger lenses its harder to get infinity focus and you need shorter and shorter mounts. The el nikor 63mm enlarger lens is notoriously difficult to get infinity focus without a custom mount. I didn't think this russian lens was an enlarger lens i figured it would mount up to m42 and i'd be away but its m39 which is a popular size for enlarger lenses and i dont read or speak russian so theres a good chance that maybe it is an enlarger lens πŸ€”. I'm not too perturbed i have a bunch of adapters of different thicknesses, two helicoids yet to arrive.
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    Sony & Samsung 48MP sensors arrived...

    My favorite dude for the matter: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCghFg2WDkSS4FvVu6UVQ0dQ/videos
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    You're fully right : ) This is a general problem comprehending the whole tiny sensor universe going with ultra high resolution. Blur @post is panacea. Take a look on this sample, download the 4K version and put it soften along PotPlayer, is day or night: Just posted this one: BTW I'd really like your entry on this thread as far as Michigan and Detroit locations concern. Can you? Thank you : -)
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    Sony 6K Full Frame PXW-FX9/FX6 Leak

    More dollars left in your pocket. Or another option: the a7Smk3 won't happen!
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    Yeah I use a focal reducer + fast primes to get that edge on my Fuji.
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    Formula 1 cameras ?

    may as well give it a go, nothing ventured nothing gained
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    Yeah there was one shot where I wasn't sure if it was an Iphone or Black Magic. But in general all the wides looked pretty bad. The lowlight is the biggest flaw. My Fuji is way better in lowlight lightyears, but I still am tempted to go full frame sometimes for that added stop or two.
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    if this was the formula one thread, btm would get a dnf, Did not finish ! continuing the f1 theme, scrutineers should examine all footage for irregularities 😎
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    In this video in particular he recorded with a number of different apps, and I'm wondering if it was an app with a low bitrate or bad post-processing that is to blame. There's one shot in particular (of his partner walking the dog along a trail - I think it was shot with the wide) that is absolutely terrible, but the wide shot of the waterfall wasn't nearly so bad, so I'd take the worst shots with a grain of salt. Of course, the best shots were also not that great, especially in low-light so there's that. In many ways this is the perfect architecture - super wide, medium, and tele options. The iPhone 11 just doesn't deliver that architecture that well with poor ISO performance and heavy-handed post-processing. Having something that had the same three FOV cameras, but had OIS instead of EIS, and the ability to record in some kind of low-processed 10-bit codec would be a completely different proposition. The recipe is good, they just need to upgrade the ingredients.
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    I was honestly surprised how bad the iPhone looks sometimes. Seems to do well with close ups, but wide shots look nasty. The sharpening is pretty terrible. I was expecting more. That said maybe there are after market apps that can improve the look, maybe bypass internal sharpening?? Otherwise its a hard no. The HDR seems to have a weird effect on the footage sometimes too, like it degrades the image further.
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    The camera was tilting up a bit on the original which was making the distortion look even more pronounced so I've re-done it. They are now closer but the Tamron still shades it if you move it in to 17-18mm so it matches the FOV of the Panasonic and the distortion is actually reduced a bit further. For added context, I have included a Canon 16-35mm f2.8 L lens (on the speed booster) for comparison and well.........
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    I'm on the fence about them, and have already been asked via PM if they're allowed. After much googling I realised that the breakup of the USSR was a complicated matter, and that as far as I can tell East Germany was a satellite state, not part of the USSR. Wether or not this means it was or wasn't "soviet" is something my lawyers are still working on. So far they've written to request more money for research, but they assure me that they're definitely making progress and it will be any day now. In terms of this competition, considering it's a public forum and there is basically no prize, I literally can't stop you from entering East German lenses... However, the point was that we discover new lenses, and I'm fairly sure everyone has heard of Contax Zeiss and the like, whereas very few people would be familiar with the huge bargain that the Industar 50mm F3.5 lens is at US$20 with free worldwide shipping, so that's kind of more what this is about (new things, not the Industar 50/3.5 in particular!!). Then again, if you're looking for an excuse to buy an East German lens, then..... 😎😎😎
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    Girls on film

    At the risk of getting gutted by kaylee, i'd like to mention i have seen some new movie trailers for a movie named hustlers. it looks rather interesting. Seeing its a big screen release i assume its has a bit substance than most of the other stuff thats been posted in this thread. looks like an interesting take on women getting some of their own back on wall street. i googled it seems like rotten tomatoes liked it but audiences were less favorable, anyone likely to see it ?
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    Olympus E-M5 MK III - coming in October

    Honestly, I am stoked on this. If I somehow get my hands on some extra cash I would love to pick up a used E-M1 mkii or one of these E-M5 mkiii. I shoot mostly on a GH5 and having one of these as my second cam would be killer. Good AF for the times I need it and the Gh5 for when I need 10bit / 4k60. Olympus is doing good stuff. Plus M43 is a killer mount and I love the sensor size.
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    Girls on film

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    Ronin S and X-T3 Settings

    I just velcro a USB C PD battery pack to mine. Then I don’t have to worry about anything and isn’t really much of an inconvenience to me. I would worried on those 10-12 hour filming days that I would draw too much power from my ronin-s anyway. I love that I never have to worry about taking a second battery for my ronin s as long as it is fully charged before we film.
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    I just like Oly cams. Even though they don't get you excited on the spec sheet, when you use one it just makes a difference (for me). It's not easily explainable. I just always chalk it up to this: it's why someone likes a certain car over another similar model in class. There's always some collection of intangibles that add up to a sum greater than the parts. Some machines just harmonize with ones tastes and desires.
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    Ah but the F3 doesn't need any hack. And you're getting: Great low light. Timecode / SDI / NDs 1080 resolution Super 35mm resolution. I think if the DVX100 only missed out on one or two of those factors then perhaps I could still see the appeal of the DVX100, but at the moment it just seems too outdated compared to the competition (such as an F3.... of even FS100/FS700, or heck an AF100 also from Panasonic)
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    Kipon has announced it is has shipped its first batch of adapters for the new cameras. A very extensive range too and the standout for me is the C/Y adapter for the Z as you will finally be able to use the Contax Zeiss lenses on a Nikon without the shenanigans involved with Leitax mods or the 1.4x optical correctors like the Fotodiox. Interesting to see them talk of focal reducers on their way soon as well. If one of them is an EF to R version then it will be a way of getting some of the full frame FOV back off Canon in 4K mode http://www.kipon.com/en/articledetail.asp?id=129
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    Kipon Adapters For Nikon Z And Canon R

    Thank you my issue has been solved,.
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