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FS700 Aliasing Issues in Slow Motion and Question on Blu Ray

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The FS700 does have aliasing issues in certain cases. It appears to be due to the the sensor/sampling design. It provides ~1000 lines of vertical resolution but only 800 lines of horizontal resolution before aliasing (and 1000+ lines diagonally). The C100 for example has less aliasing issues and full 1000+ h and v resolution, however it does not provide slow motion. In most cases the FS700 aliasing is very minimal, and even when visible most people won't notice (I see tons of content with aliasing on TV/BluRay/Netflix, etc.). I notice for a sec then ignore it. The somewhat low resolution 5D3 has pretty much zero aliasing, but resolution is 1600h pixels at best (and no slow motion except 720p60).


The good news is that spot aliasing is easy to fix in post, especially for slow motion shots (just track the bad spot and apply suitable tapered Gaussian blur and it's gone. I tested this with your glasses example and it was easy to do and worked great (in Premiere Pro CS6 it all ran in real-time (I have AE but won't use it unless I have no choice- not real-time)).


I would expect the next upline cameras to do better, such as the F5 and F55: I would expect little or no aliasing in normal speed or slomo at those price points. The manner in which the FS100/FS700 is gimped in horizontal resolution and aliasing could be due to business reasons (instead of technical ones). When comparing cost, the FS700 is right where it needs to be for features and performance...


I'm using Final Cut Pro X. I just hope it works as well as Premiere Pro CS6... 


Any ideas on what is best for broadcast quality, the least noise, etc as far as in PP settings? 

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