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NX1 clip limit- any workarounds?


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I'm shooting a 70-minute long live performance in 4k during which I won't be able to operate the camera. Is there anyway to make the NX1 start a new clip after reaching its 30 minute clip limit? Are there any external recorders on the market now that might provide a workaround? 

It seems the only other option for this scenario is to rent or buy a GH4, which our production doesn't have the budget to do. 



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plenty of 4k external recorders with no time limit.

Atomos Shogun, Atomos Assassin, Convergent design Odyssey 7Q/+,  Video devices PIX-E5/7...

Those are great $1300+ ideas for the future, to be sure. All I need for now, though, would be for the camera to simply automatically start a new clip after the 30-minute is reached. Magic Lantern allows Canon DSLRs to do something similar- it would be awfully useful if we had the equivalent for the NX1. 

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That's one of the request I added to the document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pwCklH7KMPvGlOWiy9RjGKUKaQnD7gJ-hiW7xotVJ6o/edit
For unknown reason it seems someone removed it. I hope they will follow the path of the GH4 and allow continuous shooting in next updates, even if we have to pay a small amount due to that stupid EU tax. Who uses DSLRs/Mirrorless cameras to pirate movies at theaters anyways.

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