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Sony a7s and Lomo anamorphic primes


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Does anyone have experience with using the Lomo anamorphic primes on the a7s?


 What would I need in order to use them?  A PL to e mount adaptor?  A diopter?  

Sorry for for the potentially novice question!



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Not if it is a 16:9 sensor readout and you want a 2.4 ratio. When 2x (3.56:1) full frame anamophic is cropped to 2.4:1 it has a 1.5 crop factor(aps-C) in the width so it will not vignette and you can get a wider FOV. Full frame cropped from 16:9 footage you effectively have a 24 mm x 20.25 mm sensor where aps-C cropped would be essentially a 15.7 mm x 13.1 mm sensor after cropping away the excess on the sides. For spherical s35 lenses aps-C is a must but not 2x anamorphics. With the A7s you have the option of shooting FF and aps-C so you get 2 focal lengths out of a single anamorphic prime. I used a Lomo 50mm squarefront on the A7s and that was how I came to realize this as I thought aps-C was a must as well.

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It's true that the 50mm and the 80mm will cover the full frame sensor, but its also important to understand that the areas outside of the super35 image circle weren't a part of the quality control process.  So the image there will be more degraded, sometimes extremely so.  My 50mm is basically sharp wide open, but it vignettes significantly between T2.5 and T2.8, but if its on a full frame instead of apsc, the effect is extreme, and obvious to the naked eye.  That might be fine in some shots (a portrait or other lock down shot), but panning across a white background at a wide stop on FF would be a grave error.

Just something to keep in mind.

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