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andy lee

GH2 motion jitter problems

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Has anyone else had problems with their GH2 producing jittery looking footage ?
I'm shooting in Creative movie, 24p cinema , 24h bit rate, 1/50 second , Iso 160 in Nostagla.
It looks terrible! unusable....

I have just come off the back of working 2 years with Canon 5DMk11 and 550D shooting commercial pop videos.
Lots of movment... camera always moving,  fast paced action shots...

and I really thought the GH2 was going to be a improvement over the Canons - but it looks alot worse?
I couldn't use it like this for a commercial job...

Is this an inherent problem with the GH2- It technically looks great on locked off shots  ,shooting static landscapes but is bad at any movement?

I want to use it for commercial jobs - is a hack going it make the movement issue any better.

Andrew have you any footage of fast paced action shot on a GH2?

any thoughts on this would be interesting to hear.

Andy Lee

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There many of examples of GH2 clips with a lot of movement - moving camera as well as objects, people - and it seems to everybody, that the camera behaves just like the EOS in this respect. Maybe you should upload at least a short clip where the jittering occurs.

I have spent a lot of time making own tests with motion depiction in different frame rates and different cameras in the last years, and what I found is, that the terms used by people to describe any effect are unreliable. As a projectionist (now for DC), I understand jitter as the image jerking up and down relative to the frame. Some might refer to the judder they see with too short exposure time (but your shutter is appropriate for 24p), some perhaps to rolling shutter symptoms. To know exactly what we are talking about here, we need footage to analyze.

Andrews films are not known for a lot of action, but surely he does [i]not[/i] need to avoid it because of jittering.

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Hi Axel

thanks for your reply.
I've been reading up lots and I think it maybe the card I am using
Sandisk Extreme class 10 16gb  45mb/s

the motion looks jerky.......... fluid then slow fluid then slow - buffering??

When I switch to a Sandisk class 10 8gb 30mb/s
the motion is more fluid and less jerky - still not as good as my Canons - which is worrying me.

Does anyone know the best hack for smoother motion in Creative movie 24p Cinema mode


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