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Newbie to GH2 Hacks which one is best to start with


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i have a 45mb/s card and i tested the latest en high bitrate dritwood hacks with it.
Orion 4Vb: very stable
Sedna Q20: very stable!
canis majoris night: till now, no problems with this very high bitrate hack!!

A very good stable (medium bitrate) hack is cluster V1,
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Thank you for the help with this, I am a new to the GH2 world I do aerial now coming for photography using Canon gear and the GH for video seem like the best you can get in the price range of cameras.
Now I have to figure out PTool and loading to SD card. Not sure when you load the Firmware version 1.11 then how do you get the settings file to load with the GH__1.11.bin file.

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Step 1 : Download the Gh2 hack pack and unzip the folder.
Step 2 : Run “Ptool3.65d (200212)”
step 3: Load Firmware, “GH2__V11″
Step 4: The letter J will be highlighted in green along the button, click the letter J to load the patch settings.
Step 5: Select Save Firmware and save it as GH2__V1x , the x can be any number from 0 – 9 just don’t over write the original firmware so don’t use..1!
Step 6: Put the new firmware on your GH2 SD card, (Freshly formatted and with a full battery charge) With the firmware now on the card you can disconnect and turn the camera off.
Step 7: Turn the camera on and push the play/preview button. The camera will detect the firmware and ask you if you want to update, select yes. Please be careful not to interrupt the update, don’t push any buttons or turn it off during the update because it will likely brick the camera.
Step 8 : Wait a minute and you are set! Enjoy !!
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np :)
ow yeah, and after the hack, you have to format your sd card again.
And your battery has to be full! very important.
If you push a button or if the battery is empty when you are updating, you'll fucked.
That's all, it's very simple once u know it
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I have a sandisk class 10 45mb/s card

i've tried:

Sedna 1QA: no problems with 24p settings, but for 720p50, the card wasn't fast enough
Sedna 20q: No problems with all the settings
cluster V1: no probs
Orion V4b: no probs

And now i'm using: canis majoris: only tested H24 (24p on high) and no problems with that.
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I thought  I got it to work but it did not. How do you know the setting/hack is together before you save the file. I have tried Sanity and Vanilla 44 as well as the No Adverse Effects hacks. Iam doing something wrong or not doing it in the right way or not in the right order. It should not be this difficult should it.
I thought I had Vanilla 44 installed on the card a Scandisk Extreme 45mb/s card  but when I tried to record in locked up and said recording was stopped due to card write speed. I could not turn the camera off so I waited but still had to take the battery out. Installed just the 1.11 firmware again and thankfully it works again but scared the +++++ out of me when it happened, so need to figure out what I am doing wrong.

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