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Livestream gear?


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and with the demise of JustinTV there's not many options, the gear & power requirements are a pain, and upload speeds are still crap.

I bought a PVR2 just before JTV went offline.


options are out there


but unless its a paid gig I doubt its worth it.

Maybe all you need is some iphones, wifi, and a way to mix the streams, or just some multichannel type youtube

where the viewer can do the switching, but dont know of any way of doing this at the moment

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I happen to work for Bambuser, a live video streaming service: http://bambuser.com


The easiest and cheapest way today is to broadcast live through smartphones.


As JohnVid says - you need a whole lot more hardware and good net connectivity at events if you want to broadcast from other video cameras. Which means you need ways to rig up power etc.


You can actually do quite fancy stuff with multistream-mixing over 3G/4G connections with only ipads & smartphones already. We have some users who have used recolive and if you want multicam mixing on-the-go it seems to be a great alternative.


Here's a stream from a production company that does all kinds of video productions: http://bambuser.com/v/4745696


They use recolive videomixing app (http://recolive.com) and film through iphones in that broadcast. The stream is sent to our servers. I believe it is possible to only use smart phones and ipads with recolive and Bambuser, and that you don't even need to bring a laptop for an event. In the above broadcast they used at least two iphones, and I think they used a laptop for video mixing it live.


The absolutely cheapest way to stream would probably be with a smart phone and our Bambuser app. It's free (ad-based) for personal use, while you need a Premium account for companies/organisations etc that are broadcasting an event.


Note that our app is not some kind of standalone app for live video streaming - our service is the whole package: smart phone app + server-side video transcoding, video storage and delivery to our site or video embed. Anything you do with our app goes through our servers, and then you can view the videos on our site or embed them on any site you want.


I've worked at Bambuser and hence with a live streaming service for soon 4 years. I'm happy to be able to say that I honestly believe that our smart phone apps for broadcasting live video are unmatched by anyone else.


And as a snowboarder and mountain biker myself: I don't think I'd want to use my big cameras around for such an event if I had a smart phone with good enough camera. What will make a bigger difference is if you get a solid handle attached to the phone to get rid of shaky movements - and if you hook up some better microphone. Also, the most stable internet connection with the fastest upload is the best choice - and I'd say, considering the quality of modern camera phones, more important than the choice of phone/camera. Which one that is, will depend a lot on where you live. Here in Stockholm you can get fairly nice stable upload speeds around 200 kB/s or so on 3G. 4G speeds far exceed that and performs very well. 

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Also, If you really want to go the route of using DSLR's / mirrorless cameras, you'd want to get cameras with HDMI out, and then black magic intensity cards for transferring. It takes quite a lot of strain to transcode that video in realtime for broadcasting it, so don't expect power to last for very long on a normal laptop.


There is also the possibility with certain camcorders (more common on the old ones that recorded to DV tape) to connect them through usb / firewire to a laptop and then using that video stream to transcode the video for live broadcasting.

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this might be of use https://obsproject.com/ should be interesting to see how long it takes to get to version1, there are some realtime hdmi to usb3 adapters/encoders out there on ebay. or something like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Elgato-Turbo-264-HD-H-264-Video-Encoder-Accelerator-USB-Video-Converter-for-Mac-/281506829220?pt=UK_Computing_Computer_Components_Graphics_Video_TV_Cards_TW&hash=item418b1d53a4



though perhaps something to replace mpeg4 is on the horizon, due to the fact mpeg4 isnt an open format.

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I have been doing some tests with a Teradek Vidiu, it takes a HDMI in and can stream live directly to youtube (among others). Seems to work good so far. I have been using it with a GH4, and it can be battery powered with an adapter. It does support 3G usb modems but I don't think the bandwidth will be enough to be useful, especially not during live events with lots of other people using the 3G network.

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