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First footage of the Blackmagic URSA at 80fps in 4K

Andrew Reid

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Just to make myself clear - I was only talking about BMCC and BMPCC. Not the BM4K or the URSA - haven't seen any strange biass toward certain colors in RAW from BM4K. I spent days upon days with BMCC and BMPCC to find that the blues always pop out strangely together with the oranges without me wanting this effect during daylight shots - I just pushed the saturation slightly and bam I could see the blues/oranges getting too much attention. It drove me almost insane - maybe it's the sensor characteristics (doubt it heavily) or maybe it's the color science. This did not happen on any camera I used previously or after so that's why "I'm pretty sure" - because it happened.



Well, without knowing your post workflow it's impossible to say what was going on there. It's easy to mishandle raw footage and get unhappy color accidents, I've certainly done my share of this. But the cameras you mention have been tested in controlled environment shootouts, and while of course they are not Alexas, hold their own pretty good:


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Would you please escort your sanctimonious attitude out the door.  I'm here to discuss with people not justify myself to jonsey jones.  You don't have to be Stanley Kubrick to know that Jaws The Revenge is a shit film.  Consider your 'point' thoroughly dismissed.


As for what I dislike about the grade.  Firstly its teal and orange which I despise, and it's not even done subtly.  There isn't much orange in these shots so its just teal teal teal beyond any level of taste or meaning.  It's just arbitrary messing around with color for messing round's sake.


Secondly its "the blacks" and that isn't in quotation marks by mistake.  For in some shots they do not exist.  But it isn't like they merely left the shadows milky.  It looks like they've heavily crushed the blacks taking all the detail out of the shadows but then expanded it back out again so that the black is now grey, so you've basically just got a lump of solid bluey grey for shadows.  Look at the guys face at 0:29! Is that how a human face should look?


No examples of your work? Exactly! Get out and do something dude!

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