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Some thoughts on the possible "Sony FS700 Mark II"

Andrew Reid

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The next step is to create a really good 4K camera.


I'm also still waiting for the really good run & gun large sensor camera, because the ergonomics of pretty much everything out there sucks for that.


Manual focus needs a revolution so it is more usable on the small cams.


After all this time I am still waiting for a really good full frame camera that you can focus properly in video mode.


I am waiting for a camera with a decent built in screen which is large enough and high resolution enough to nail focus in 4K from without resorting to a slow magnified focus assist or a dreadful peaking implementation.


I am waiting for a camera that has a built in electronic fly by wire follow focus control, ergonomically integrated to the rest of the camera grip, without having to add a follow focus via your rig.


Ergonomically, cameras are rife for a revolution, so let's have it..

I hear you on the revolution. The tech is there, unfortunately, I don't see it coming from the big boys. I'm hoping some outside player not beholden to their  "pro-line" gives us these features. My priorities would  be:


- High ASA's low noise

- Full Frame/Croppable to S 35

- LCD screen bright enough for sunny days, sharp enough for critical focus and articulating

- 10 bit 422 internal recording

- 1-120 FPS

- 3/8" plus 1/4" screw mount

- Reinforced Lens mountf


To name a few

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