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Lomo OCT18 vs OCT19 mounts - advantages/disadvantages?


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I have a Lomo squarefront in OCT18 mount but someone is telling me that it would be worthwhile to have it switched over to the OCT19 mount. To be honest I don't understand what the advantage of this would be, or if it is something that I should even consider. Can anyone weigh in on this?

Here is a photo that Ed Lee took of two similar lenses with different mounts: http://www.flickr.com/photos/edwinylee/5498455467/

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I am now the proud owner of my own square front 50mm f2.5 in OCT18 mount. Turning the focus ring by hand jars the lens slightly (might be better with a proper follow focus) and I can see how this would be less of a problem with the four contact points found on the OCT19 mount. And from what I understand the OCT18 will only mount on mirrorless cameras, which I have.

But is this what all of the fuss is about or is there more to it? I'm still hoping that someone out there in anamorphic-land knows the answer.
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LOMO Anamorphic in OCT19 mount is much better than the OCT18. It has single body unlike those OCT18 that has two parts (the anamorphic front and the spherical back).

About breathing, I don't have same focal length to test so I can't tell the different of both design.

Most OCT18 could be used on a mirror less only. The OCT19 sometime can be used on non-mirror less as well but most it has to be the roundfront version not the squarefront one.

For $500-$2000 = Get squarefront anamorphic in OCT18 mount
For $2000-$4000 = Get squarefront anamorphic in OCT19 or PL mount
and then if you have like $4000-$10000 you can go for roundfront anamorphic in OCT19 or PL mount.
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