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GH2 Rolling Shutter


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I am a new GH2 user and new to the boards here. I hacked my GH2 with the Driftwood hack. I have been doing some camera tests over the past few days. The image quality is great, no complaints there. However, I am seeing a ton of rolling shutter. I have been operating the camera handheld without a rig which I know may be part of it, but it seems like it shouldn't be this bad. I did one test where I shot out a moving car window and all the buildings looked like they were in a fun house mirror as I moved past them. I am used to shooting with HV200 and HPX170 which shoot 1080p beautifully. I feel like I've seen GH2 videos that don't have rolling shutter in them. Did the editor just cut around it?


I bought the camera to shoot a small doc next week, so I need to make a decision soon. If I can't operate handheld and pan around to follow action without distortion, that's probably a deal breaker to me. I would love any advice from the boards. I shot with a 12-35mm Panasonic lens by the way.



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Wow, it's so rare I check this forum anymore, sorry for the delay.  You're going to have rolling shutter issues with.. I can't think of any camera in this price range (used) that won't have it, so you have to either just accept it or go to some great pains to minimize the impact.  Adobe has a rolling shutter "filter" (plugin?) that will help minimize it in post with the cost of a cropped image.  

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