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Konvas 1M OCT18 35mm vs Canon FD 35mm F2 N


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Quick question: i can get both lenses for a similar price with an adapter for my gh2. I have a tendency towards the russian fabricate as i know the rumours that Tarkovsky used to work with those lenses :-) (not that i have 1% of his talent, but when the sun shines, i am an old school romantic :P)

But then again i have to order it in Russia vs an order of the canon lense in Germany which seems to be the safer option if i have to return the lens.

I would use the ciecio adapter on both lenses.

And sorry, if this thread is a repetition. But without a search option i gave up looking after an hour.

Thank you very much!
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The Canon FD 35mm F2 is a beautiful lens. The N version is the one to get, the older SSC with concave front element is beautiful too but also happens to be radioactive. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyWNhZlT0qU

The OCT18 35mm is every bit as good optically, has a more interesting flare and I'd say also probably more character in the image overall. However the focussing mechanics allow the optical barrel to fall out if you go too far at the macro end. If you get Ciecio's later adapter (part-designed by me!) this problem is solved but the focussing mechanics are still very old fashioned compared to the Canon.

FD adapters tends to be cheaper than the OCT18, and available for more camera bodies. I'd go for the FD if you intend to use it on more than one camera body or with a follow focus.

In terms of the image I'd say the LOMO OCT18 35mm T2 has slightly lower contrast, bit hazier, dreamy and cinematic, very very sharp wide open, busy bokeh (which I actually like) but can be creamed out nicely. Canon FD 35mm F2 has creamier bokeh wide open, but not so much stopped down (fewer iris blades) is also very sharp, better contrast and focussing, more resistant to flare (is this a good thing? I think less flare = less cinema).
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Thank you very much for your quick reply Andrew!

It makes me wonder, how careless people used too handle radioactive material back in the days.

I ordered the Canon lens now. I think for now its the better choice, since i aswell ordered the Canon 50mm lens which you recommended in your book for low light situations. It just cost me 15 Euros, so that way i just have to buy one adapter for now and can use several lenses on it.

Do you recommend other Canon FD lenses? Once the new lenses arrive i will have the kit lens (14-140mm, by now i think i just should have ordered the camera body alone), the FD 35mm F2 N, the FD 50 mm 1,8.

Probably i should go for a good 12 or 14mm lens?

Thank you very much for your help! I am kind of new to the world of lenses.

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By the way, for shooting out of your hands you recommend manual focus in your book? I did not fully understand that aspect at first sight as on another page you recommended setting the camera to autofocus. (so far i dont like the autofocus that much. even on a hacked 1.1 firmware i have the impression, that the camera does too much pumping without any need for it)
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