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An ad shot on lomo anamorphics

Russell Anway

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There are far too many tests shot with our anamorphics and far too little work!  And in that spirit I shot a couple narrative bits with my Lomos in the last couple weeks.


I shot this with my 35mm and 80mm  Mostly with the 35mm.  The 35mm is an OCT 18 so I also mounted it with a 24mm and a 50mm at times.  Opening shot is 24mm, shots on suspension bridge are 50mm.  Shot on a gh1 (frowny face) and had an arri 650.  I also wrote it and directed it.  First time I've done an ad like this or shot something significant with these lenses.  I used Schneider 4x4 ND's, a tiffen polarizer, and a tiffen +1.5 diopter (closeups to throw that background out of focus).


It's an ad for a new app coming out Saturday.  It uses iPhone gps data, and other ambient factors like time/temp to access original artistic content.  So it's a bit like a gallery/scavenger hunt on your phone.  Only available in Minneapolis to at launch.



I also recently shot a short I will hopefully post here when I make sure it won't cause any problems with upcoming festival commitments.


Thanks and let me know what you think!

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They are a it of a bear to work with. The flip side however is that you really have to plan in advance. This was shot in three shoots. I had 45 minutes in the dance studio, three hours in the park, and three hours in the music studio including lighting time. It was tight but since I boarded it up in advance it wasn't hectic. I even knew which shots would need which filters before we shot a frame.

The biggest thing was only changing lenses once per location since it's so time consuming. It was definitely more work, but if I'd been shooting some spherical zooms I don't think I would have felt the need to put as much work into my pre-production. And I think the final would have suffered.

Also, a good friend of mine who is a musician did original music for it. He's better than good and played on a track on the Walter Mitty soundtrack last year. So that helps :)

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