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UWA zoom for GH4?


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I have a new GH4 that I am using for architectural video work.  I am using a panny 7-14mm, but it is quite prone to flare.  I looked at the oly 9-18mm for MFT, but it feels too small and plasticky for me.  the B&H guy says the original Oly 9-18mm 4/3 lens is not compatible with the GH4.  I cannot find any other alternatives.  what would you suggest?  I want to maintain AF and autoexposure - otherwise I would have used metabones and Nikon 12-24mm. thanks.

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Is the olympus less prone to flare? All UWA's are I think.
The 4/3 lens should work with the proper adapter. I don't see why not. Autofocus probably will be slow though.

There aren't really any other alternatives. Definitely not in native m43 mount. Maybe there is a old Sigma 10-20mm with active 4/3 mount, but I'm pretty sure the panasonic will be better.

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