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SONY FS700 In HD and 4:2:0, Oh La La and So La La!


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Dear friends, just did a one day gig with the FS700 and 10percent S1 in the mix. Was super fun to roll with convinience of super long battery life, NDs and a light tripod. I really like the footage from the FS700 for the corporate look. SLog2 HD 420 gives nice colours and image, when graded with love. I used a preview LUT, which I built as a DIT for the Arri Amira!:) Image is fine, lively with popping colous. So far, oh la la. But one thing I am very annoyed by are the tons of aliasing.

Back then when I loved to watch camera reviews and vintage reviews even more, I saw the FS700 with a clean HD image, without any nasties such as aliasing or moire. One year ago I had troubles with external 2K, showin lotta aliasing whereas the internal didnt show any of it. So I browsed the web a little bit and found some info on aliasing in the highights. Well, any of you, dear friends, with experience on this subject? I recorded in HD 25p, internal, 420, Slog2. The F3 on the other hand is supposed to be completly free of aliasing and moire. But that beast feels twice as heavy. Here is an example, original shot and crop with 200 percent.



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I had a similar experience with the external 2K.

Solutions are: (a) shoot in 4K with the Shogun series, or, (b) use the Odyssey7Q recorder which has a internal down-scale function to take the 4K raw feed and scale it to HD for Prores recording. The problem is that the 2K Raw stream uses line skipping, whereas the internal HD is scaling down the full image for a cleaner result.

The 4K Raw/prores image is fantastic though using an external recorder. I looked back at some of the stuff I shot about 2 years ago and it looks amazingly good for a 2012 camera.


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@barefoot_dp I recorded internal HD, 420, 25p. 🙂

Still, the internal image shows more aliasing than the external 2K, which I shot many months ago. This time it´s aliasing all over. It looks like a Canon Ti or worse. This camera is known for a very clean HD image just like the FS100 and better than a GH2.

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