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Kineraw Update

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Emailed Kineraw yesterday.  Responded very quickly.  Nothing news except #2. 
[i]Glad to hear from you.
1. KineRAW-S35 is in pre-production, and it will be launched in China
Mainland in this coming May probably. It may come to other countries
in next half year.
2. Some footage will be released soon. And our website will be update
in recent days.
3. KineRAW camera is opened one which means you may choose other
accessories including SSD, Batteries, monitor, EVF.[/i]

It supposedly will have a Super35mm Sized CMOS Sensor.  With the Sony FS700, the BM, etc., Kineraw's timing could have been better (if only  they would have been a few months sooner) due to these recent developments?  We'll see what comes about in the next while with them.  Video images will be very important as well as the price (was supposed to be $6K to $8K in price).

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EOSHD Pro Color for Sony cameras EOSHD Pro LOG for Sony CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs
There is some sample footage from the KineRAW-S35 (tm) second prototype in field testing in China now,

Sample MOV and Cineform â„¢ along with matching 3D-LUT are free to download at links in this posting, as are photos of the KineRAW-S35 â„¢ second prototype in field testing in China now,


Quote: [There are 720p H.264 mov for downloading:

There are some Cineform RAW footages for downloading:
Clip1: http://115.com/file/c2exeutq#clip1.rar
Clip2: http://115.com/file/bemsmxgt#clip2.rar
Clip3: http://115.com/file/dpk7t4vt#clip3.rar

The Cineform (tm) player is here,


Quote: [Here are links for Low-Contrast Rec709 LUT.

1. daylight-160.look: http://115.com/file/c2elxws7#daylight-160.look
2. daylight-160.cube: http://115.com/file/dpkn5su4#daylight-160.cube

Speedgrade NX, Firstlight can use .look file, while Da Vinci Resolve uses .cube file. People can use the LUT as monitoring LUT, but also use it as a starting point of grading .]

Click on the green buttons in on the linked to pages at 115.com to download the files, use the free program 7-Zip (tm) to unzip the rar files.

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I have posted two new KineRAW-S8p ™ videos on Vimeo, if you would like to see the image quality I have some selected frames I can send, you can email me at tempnulbox [at] yahoo [dot] com with "EOSHD user wants frames" in the subject line.

The E1 video is shot 1920x1440 for 4:3 black and white cinematography and processed for maximum monochrome dynamic range, you should request the sample frames to see what the uncompressed detail looks like.

The F1 video is shot at various over-sample modes for 4:3, 16:9, 2:1, and 2.35:1 aspect ratios. The shooting resolutions are 1920x1440, 2228x1252, 2400x1200 and 2592x1104.

The videos were de-Bayered in my free de-Bayer program v0.06 and v0.07 (v0.07 is not posted on my web site yet as I have some things to finish up yet) and the DI was done in my "freeish" DI software.

I have a KineRAW-S35 ™ here for testing and calibration now and hope to post some videos shot with it if anyone has in interest in S35 sensor cameras. You can request some Cineform ™ sample clips from Kinefinity.com (sm) by writing directly to the email on their web site, be sure to also request the 3D-LUT that go with each clip so you can see the clips playback in Quicktime ™ or other programs with the color corrected.

I've attached some photos of the KineRAW-S35 (tm) I have here for testing and calibrations, the matte box is from a Konvas, the follow focus is Mitchell, and the lens is OCT-19, I made the adapters to put everything together so I can have a camera package using the parts I have on hand. I hope to post some S35 videos on Vimeo before too long so check that if you have an interest...

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Great, if you would like some more photos and uncompressed frame samples you can let me know, I don't know if you can increase the storage so that uncompressed BMP sample images can be posted for people to look at.

You can email me directly at: tempnulbox [at] yahoo [dot] com

To get sample frames from both the KineRAW-S8p (tm) and KineRAW-S35 (tm), I'm going out today to shoot some more S35 footage with Angenieux and Cooke lenses.

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Nice lenses.

Just downloaded the clips. Seriously impressed.

Do you mind if I have a go at grading them and uploading them to Vimeo? Then I can embed in the blog rather than link to hosted raw files which download rather slowly.

Great work Dan!

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Hi Andrew,

Which clips did you mean? The Cineform (tm) ones from the download sight in China are there to test workflows with so I assume you can grade those as you like, you can email Kinefinity.com (sm) and they might want to see your grade before giving you permission to post, bit if the result looks good then they will probably say yes.

If you are talking about some other "clips" I'm not sure which ones you mean?

I was talking about some uncompressed BMP picked frames, as you cannot judge the quality of a uncompressed Digital Cinema Camera from a JPG, especially if its compressed to any degree.

I went out with my Brother today shooting some footage with the KineRAW-S35 (tm) sample camera, so there may be some Cineform (tm) clips to share from that, much of it was backlight so some grading would be needed on those shots. I used the BOTH recording mode to shoot Cineform (tm) and CinemaDNG (tm) at the same time, I will use the Cineform (tm) to review the shots at 2K on my Brother's 2048x1536 monitor, then process the uncompressed DNG frames into shots for another Vimeo video, in my "freeish" DI software I can grade the shots as well as edit so that will be how i finish today's shots, all 120GB of them...

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